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August 12, 2017

Sophia Schubert

San Diego, California

Q. You hit some really clutch shots on the back nine and really got it going. Was there something that sort of sparked that?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, I think it was triggered because I knew that she was going to hit it close and I expected her to make a lot of putts, and so I just thought, be aggressive, give it all you've got and hit it close.

Q. Talk about the par-3, No. 11. You hit a beauty in there, and then she puts one right on top of you.
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: I know, I know. I hit a great shot. I thought I was going to win the hole. I thought I was pretty close, and then she goes right behind me and hits it even closer.

Q. What does that say about her?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: It says a lot about her. She is a very, very strong player. I'm shocked she's only 13 years old. She plays like she's 25.

Q. And that was one of the things, right, the coach was saying you just couldn't think about that? You can't think about this girl is so young because she's going to kick your butt.
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, exactly. I could not think about that at all. I knew it was going to be a really tough match even though she's so young. I just had to treat her like every other opponent.

Q. You said yesterday that putting has sort of been your weakness over the years. How much has your coach helped you on the greens this week?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: He's helped me a ton. He's a really good green reader, and he's definitely helped me figure out the speed a lot and helped me to stay confident when I'm putting.

Q. Talk about holes 12 and 13, being able to go 1-up on 12, 13, going 2.
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, I'm trying to think of 12, what she did. What did she do on 12, par?

Q. Yeah, she had the downhill one kind of right above, slid down, and you had the uphill one, about 33.
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Sorry, repeat your question.

Q. Talk about holes 12 and 13 for you.
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, 12 and 13, was I 1-up at that point?

Q. On 12.
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: 1-up on 12, and I just knew I had to stay focused. She kept hitting it close and making putts, and so that was key for me just to kind of stay in it.

Q. And then your coach said 13 was a big double breaker and that was a huge moment.
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, so 13 is the -- okay. Yeah, it was a huge double breaker. We found a great line, and I stuck to that line, and I trusted it, and it went in.

Q. How helpful was he in that particular read?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, he basically helps me read every one of my putts. I read it myself, too, and then I get his opinion, and then I kind of figure out where I want to go from there. He definitely read that one really well.

Q. You were saying yesterday that he walked a lot with you during the season, but obviously he's not out there carrying the bag like he is this week. In a normal college tournament, you're kind of doing that all on your own?

Q. And how confident in the past have you been with your green reading?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, I'm pretty confident in it. I feel like I'm a really good green reader. My down side is that I'm just not very confident in my own putting. He's helped me a lot in my college tournaments. He's right there almost doing basically the same thing except for carrying my bag.

Q. So I understand there's going to be a viewing party tonight back home.

Q. Yeah, that's what I heard earlier.

Q. So your dad is home?

Q. He actually had to work?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: He had to work. It's crazy because he never misses any of my tournaments, any of them. Him and my mom are always here, and so I know it's killing him right now to be back home, and I really wish he could be here.

Q. What does he do for a living?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: He builds homes, so he has to finish this house for a family really quick, and it just --

Q. These people.
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: I know, right? They don't understand.

Q. What's his name?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: William Schubert.

Q. And then what does it mean to you to get into the finals?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: It means so much. Standing on the first tee this morning, seeing those trophies out there and hearing that if I win today, I'll get to play in the Open, that just means everything because that's what I've worked for my whole life.

Q. And then do you know anything about Valenzuela?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: You know, I don't know much about her. I've seen her scores, seen her play a little bit, and I know she's going to be a really, really tough player.

Q. It's interesting because we were talking to her about -- her back nine was just nails as far as hitting every shot, and so she has that ability to do that, and your coach just said, you have the ability of just perfect rounds or really, really strong rounds. So it's cool that -- it sounds like it's going to be a real battle.
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, I think it sounds like our games are really similar, so it's going to be really tough. Yeah, I think we're both very competitive, so we'll see how it goes.

Q. Have you ever played in a 36-hole match before?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: I have. We do it in college some, and then my last tournament this summer, the Women's Western -- yeah, we played 41 or 42 holes in one day because it was rained out the day before, and we had -- yeah, so it was -- I have, and I think it's a lot easier when you have someone carrying your bag, too.

Q. How many times did you try to qualify for the U.S. Women's Open?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: I think twice. That's what my mom said. I think maybe it was three times, but -- two or three. I don't know, I need to figure that out.

Q. When we were talking yesterday you talked about the struggles last summer with the swing, and in talking to him, he said, well, I don't know if she was struggling as much as she thought she was struggling because he loves your swing.

Q. And then your mom was joking about the perfectionist closet, but is there a perfectionist nature that you have to deal with?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: I feel like I hold myself to a really high standard, and I am my biggest critic, and that sometimes is not very good. I mean, Coach, I think he thinks my swing was a little better than it actually was.

Q. How old were you when you started playing, and did you play other sports?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Well, I was three -- well, a month before I turned four, so I just say four.

Q. How do you know that?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: My mom. I don't remember it, but she said a month before I turned four, I had my first little 30-minute lesson.

Q. From who?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: What was her name?

Q. Like an actual instructor?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, a lady -- she played for Wake Forest, Nicole -- I can't think of the last name. It was a long time ago. And I played basketball when I was younger. I played a little bit of piano. That's not really a sport. It's a hobby.

Q. Why did your parents put a club in your hand? What was their interest in golf?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: So my family, they didn't really play golf that much. My dad just played for fun with his buddies. But my mom wanted me and my sister to have something to do with my dad for fun, so went into it not expecting anything. So she actually got me and my sister started.

Q. And what came of your sister's golfing?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: She doesn't play now. She's four years older. She went to a small Division I school in Nashville, Lipscomb.

Q. Did she play at Lipscomb?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: She played at Lipscomb, yeah. Doesn't play anymore, though.

Q. Does your mom play?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: No. She tried one time, and I think we laughed at her, so she never did it again. That's what she says.

Q. What's her name, by the way?

Q. She's been with you every hole, hasn't she? I think she videoed a lot. She must have been sending clips to your dad.
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, she did that the other day, I think, and he couldn't figure out how to open them. (Laughter.)

Q. So you guys are going to have to ruin it for your dad, he's going to know when he's watching tonight?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: I think so, yes. I think he'll be okay with that, ruining it for him.

Q. Is there any way he'd come out?
SOPHIA SCHUBERT: You know, I don't know. Maybe he'll surprise me. I kind of have a feeling he might, but we'll see. We'll see.

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