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August 12, 2017

J.B. Holmes

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. The changing conditions of this course, Thursday, Friday, played a little faster in the rain. Now it feels like it's almost like the practice rounds. How hard is it to adapt when the golf course is changing so much?
J.B. HOLMES: I'm sure everybody is happy it rained and softened up a little bit. It would have been almost impossible if it hadn't got any rain; 2-over might have been a great score.

When it's raining, it makes it a little softer. It takes you a few holes. There's a few shots I hit in there today I thought would release a little more and stopped. If we don't get much rain this afternoon, throughout the day, it's hot. It could firm up a bit. It's still tough. You have to hit a lot of good shots and you still have to place your ball if the right spot and hope for some good lies in the rough.

You can't miss too much. It's just tough. Very happy with the round and played great today.

Q. Navigating the length of this place, when it is so soft, may help you -- some guys it may not --
J.B. HOLMES: It actually helps me more. I fly the ball so far, anyways. To land and stop is good for me, not to get it to roll any. If the fairways would have been firm, I'd have missed a few more fairways today.

So it was nice for the ball to stop. I got a couple -- I got mud on a couple balls but overall it wasn't too bad. The soft fairways helped me. Soft fairways and firm greens, that's how I would like it.

Q. You've played here at the Wells Fargo before but not this layout. How are you finding the layout and the changes on the front?
J.B. HOLMES: I think they are pretty good overall. They need to try again on the No. 4 green. As far as the -- the hole's fine. The green, they need to revamp that a little bit.

I think 1, I think it's great par 5. They play that back tee, it might be a little much more a par 4 in my opinion. And I think the fifth hole, is it, I think that hole's great. I think they did a good job on that one. I think they are re-doing 11 -- I like they made 11 better.

Overall, the changes are pretty good other than the green on 4. If it's softer, like today, it's not as bad. But that back half, when it gets firm, I mean, you can hit a great shot and it just kicks over the green into the tall stuff.

Overall, I think they did a good job. I think I'd like to see them redo that green again, make that a little bit better. But in general, I feel like they made the golf course a little bit harder and they made it a little bit better.

Q. I think this golf course is so difficult, it's hard to get any momentum going and yet you make the turn at 4-under. Solid round?
J.B. HOLMES: Absolutely. Had some tough pins out there today. You just can't really miss too many shots. You can make a bogey really quick. I had three bogeys on the back and was able to make some birdies. There's a few holes out here you can make birdies, and the rest of them, you're just trying to make par. It's a little softer today and they have some tough pins out there. I'm really happy with the round.

Q. Talk about the Green Mile and the hole locations.
J.B. HOLMES: Yeah, they are pretty much the hardest pins on all three of them I think. You could see some scores today. I played pretty good on those. I hit -- I caught a gust of wind on 16 and hit it right where I wanted it to. I thought the ball was going to be closer to the flag and it came up short.

The par 3, they got the right distance for that pin, but the wind's kind of -- it's not blowing and then it's blowing a little bit. Tough pin there and then 18, that pin is just so tough. You're out there, hopefully get it in the fairway and you just have to go at it because if you hit it 25 feet behind it, it's just a tough 2-putt. It's a very difficult pin. So you might see some numbers on that. It's going to be tough today on those three holes I think.

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