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August 11, 2017

Chia Yen Wu

San Diego, California

Q. Are you tired?
CHIA YEN WU: Yeah. No, this hole I'm very excited. In playoff I'm excited. We played 30 holes. Yeah, my caddie just told me, I want to go eat dinner.

Q. Your caddie said I want to go eat dinner?
CHIA YEN WU: Yeah, I want to go home.

Q. Tell us about your putting. Do you always putt that well?
CHIA YEN WU: Yeah, this week.

Q. What do you like about these greens? What's making them --
CHIA YEN WU: I think today is faster, firm, tough. Like last chip, the slope on there. It's very good.

Q. I loved your reaction when you rolled in that really long putt. Talk to us about that. What were you thinking in the moment you did that?
CHIA YEN WU: Lauren putt very short, three feet, and I told my caddie, I want to make it.

Q. You called it.

Q. Do you get nervous out here playing in front of TV cameras and the crowd?
CHIA YEN WU: Yesterday, yeah. Yesterday first four holes I'm nervous because it was the first time. But now I'm excited. I want to do my best with the cameras.

Q. When did you first learn about this championship? When did you first know of it?
CHIA YEN WU: Last year.

Q. Do you know Yani or -- who do you look up to?
CHIA YEN WU: I know Yani, yeah.

Q. Have you met her a few times?

Q. Did you ever play golf with her?
CHIA YEN WU: She teach us in Taiwan, yeah.

Q. Oh, she's given you a lesson?
CHIA YEN WU: Yeah, so I know about her.

Q. What did you learn from her?
CHIA YEN WU: Anything.

Q. You obviously like your caddie a lot this week, too. What do you think about your caddie?
CHIA YEN WU: He's a club champion, so I'm very -- yeah, he like reads the lines pretty good, and he tells me, you can make it, and gives me, yeah --

Q. A lot of confidence?

Q. Did he read that putt for you on 18?
CHIA YEN WU: I told him straight, right? Right.

Q. How about the chip, when you hit the chip?
CHIA YEN WU: That's lucky. I hit it very hard. I used 52, and I hit very, very hard. So hard.

Q. So you made history double today. So you had the longest match in USGA history, and you're also the youngest to ever make it in the semifinals ever at the Women's Am in 117 years. What does that mean to you?
CHIA YEN WU: I can't say. I'm so happy about that.

Q. You must like playing in the dark here at San Diego Country Club, too, huh?
CHIA YEN WU: Yeah, playoff was very dark.

Q. Do you feel young here?
CHIA YEN WU: Yeah, and I feel I'm short. (Laughter.) Everybody is taller than me.

Q. Does it bother you they hit the ball farther?
CHIA YEN WU: Yeah. Today Lauren hit very far, like PGA. My caddie said, she hit longest.

Q. You just relied on your putting to get the job done, right?
CHIA YEN WU: Yeah, I'm lucky today.

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