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August 11, 2017

Lauren Stephenson

San Diego, California

Q. Is there any consolation that it's part of history? No match in USGA history has ever gone that long in any championship, in 117 years.
LAUREN STEPHENSON: Yeah, the whole time I'm like, how long is this going to go, it's getting dark. We might not even finish today. But I'm glad it finished.

Q. Did you know how many holes you'd played or did you lose track?
LAUREN STEPHENSON: I knew we made the second -- or the third, I don't even know. I was like, I think this is our 10th hole. Like what in the world. It's pretty crazy.

Q. Were you ever like, she's in the eighth grade? Does that even cross your mind at any point?
LAUREN STEPHENSON: Not really. I don't really think age matters. Obviously she's really good, so it doesn't really matter out here how old or young you are.

Q. It was impressive what she did, wasn't it, just the shots she came up with at various times?
LAUREN STEPHENSON: Oh, yeah. Like usually in match play you're kind of joking with yourself, like you have to expect they're going to make it, but like with her, I would tell my dad, I was like, I'm not kidding, every chip she hits or putt, I have to expect that it's going to go in because right on it every time.

Q. It was cool of you to clap for her when she made that long putt. Was that kind of the feeling of that, that this was such a great match that it was just great to be a part of?
LAUREN STEPHENSON: Yeah, for sure. It stinks to lose, but at the same time, you're never going to experience something like that again, and we both played great all day, so you can't really be too upset about it. That putt, I mean, that's going to be on TV and you're going to see that forever. Like that was crazy.

Q. Your own putts, how do you feel about them? You had a number of chances, so what was your feeling? Was there any loss of feel as far as your putting goes, or how did you feel about it?
LAUREN STEPHENSON: No, I felt great. I made a couple iffy strokes, but they all usually had a pretty good chance of going in, and I think just with how it played out, it wasn't my turn to win. Just take it and learn from it, and I've gained a lot of confidence on the greens this week, whether they went in or not.

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