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August 11, 2017

Chia Yen Wu

San Diego, California

Q. After seeing Lauren stiff shot after shot, how did you stay strong to hit some unbelievable chip shots throughout the night?
CHIA YEN WU: In this hole I think it's very lucky. I like the straight lines, and my caddie just said, you can make it, and I hit very hard, but it's good.

Q. Any thoughts going into tomorrow, your game plan?
CHIA YEN WU: I think same like today. She's a very good player, and yeah.

Q. Give me your mindset. What were you thinking in your head during all those holes?
CHIA YEN WU: Lauren got irons very good, like six feet, eight feet. I just talked to my caddie what we have done. She's a really good player, yeah. I'm very happy to play with her.

Q. Your short game, your chipping and your putting, has that always been one of your strengths?
CHIA YEN WU: On the 10th hole I hit very, very, very hard, and it's lucky, yeah. This one is lucky, too.

Q. Going back to that one, when that came right off the putter, did you think that was going to go in?
CHIA YEN WU: Yeah, because I thought she would make that, like three feet or two feet, and I just talked to my caddie, I want to make it.

Q. Have you seen any of Sophia Schubert's play at all? Do you know anything about her?

Q. Just give me a little bit about your entire experience this week here starting at stroke play and getting to this. What does it mean to you?
CHIA YEN WU: It's very good experience. First time playoff, first time very nervous, and first time playing in the Women's Amateur. I hope -- in stroke play, I just think if I can go into match play, and I will be really happy.

Q. Yesterday you were saying first time cameras started following you, it made you a little nervous.

Q. How did the cameras around you feel today?
CHIA YEN WU: Very excited. I feel I want to do my best so camera can take, yes.

Q. How did the crowds keep you going forward? Everyone is cheering for you, rooting for you. How did that make you feel?
CHIA YEN WU: Feel I'm good, and yeah.

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