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August 11, 2017

Ryan Fox

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. Course record, best round of the week obviously. How are you feeling after that?
RYAN FOX: Pretty bloody happy to be honest. It was a little bit of a change from yesterday. I had a good nine on the back nine yesterday but got a way with some errant tee shots. Got my ass kicked on the front nine when I kept hitting it in the rough. Managed to keep it in play a lot better today. Hit a lot more fairways. I guess length is an asset around here, and that's definitely a strong part of my game. It was nice to take advantage of that today and also see a few putts go in on top of that.

Q. Driving is one of your strengths, so as long as you're starting it in the fairways around here, you're going to smash it -- your caddie said it could have been anything today?
RYAN FOX: Yeah, I probably missed four or five putts inside of ten foot, as well, including a short one for eagle on 7. Every hole around here, you're just happy to take a par, and some of those short putts, you're almost not trying to make. They are so quick. You can knock it four or five foot by and 3-putt really quickly. So you are actually putting quite defensively around here at times. Just happy to I guess make it easy coming down the stretch, knowing I'm going to have a tee time on the weekend. I've got nothing to lose. It's my first time playing over here as a pro. Enjoyed it so far and hopefully I can keep it going tomorrow.

Q. It's been an incredible month or couple of months. Every step up, you seem to take it in your stride. What's been your secret?
RYAN FOX: I had my coach come up before The French Open for the week in between Austria and Germany and then for the week of Germany. We did a good little bit of work there and something sort of clicked in France. I guess took the pressure off that week, knowing I didn't have too much work to do at the end of the year and I could free-wheel it from there.

Obviously the golf game stayed in pretty good shape, and obviously mentally being able to free-wheel it a bit more, I played really well in Ireland and Scotland, as well. I think The Open was maybe one week too many. That was nine out of ten in a row. Nice to come here a little bit fresher. I've been back in New Zealand, a little bit of work with my coach again, catching up with friends and family. Yesterday I had a bit of jet-lag but today I started to feel a little bit better and hopefully I can keep it going over the weekend.

Q. Your game is clearly good enough for this level but it's taken time to come through. Do you feel like, is there any reason for that or just getting comfortable in certain environments?
RYAN FOX: I think it's just getting comfortable to be honest. I had not seen -- obviously being from a completely different part of the world, obviously the top Aussie players and Kiwi players end up overseas really quickly and we don't have a lot to do with them.

Took me a while this year in Europe to get used to playing those bigger events with the top guys week-in, week-out. Starting to feel a bit more comfortable out here. Feeling like I probably deserve to be out here more than I did at the start of the year.

You know, same for this week. I played a couple of big events now, and there will definitely be some nerves tomorrow, but it will be I think a bit more enjoyable than what it would have been for me two years ago. I think it would have been more nerves than anything, and I can go out -- and if it works tomorrow, great. And if it doesn't, I can still have a bit of fun and enjoy seeing my name on the leaderboard for a little while.

Q. Going to get a bit softer probably over the weekend. So more of a premium on long driving. How do you feel going into the weekend?
RYAN FOX: Well, if I can play like I did today, obviously there's no reason why I shouldn't have chance. But I've never really been in this position in a major. As I said, I've got nothing to lose. I can go out and give it a run. If it works, great. If it doesn't, it will still be a great week regardless.

I think if it plays a little bit softer, probably it will work in my favor a little bit. It will probably make it a little easier to hit the fairways. Those greens are starting to get pretty brutal out there, anyway. You know, if they soften up a little bit, I think the scoring might get a little bit better.

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