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August 11, 2017

D.A. Points

Charlotte, North Carolina

D.A. POINTS: It's been a roller coaster, some highs and a few lows. It's nice to be in the hunt a little bit. See your name up on the board. Have the feel on the cameras on you. Haven't had it for a few months, so it's good to have that feeling again.

Q. Guys are commenting about how brutal the course has been. How have you found the course over the first two days?
D.A. POINTS: It's super challenging. Any missteps are magnified, which is how majors are. I'm aware of that. Today I had a couple. I also did a lot of really good things. Some of the guys that are commenting how brutal it is, it's just the way it is when you are playing in a major. They made it hard on purpose.

Q. You have spoken about enjoying the spotlight being on you. You won the Puerto Rico Open. Are you playing with a mental freedom at the moment?
D.A. POINTS: For sure, yeah. I kept trying to remind myself this is kind of gravy. Hopefully I can make a couple birdies and get back on it tomorrow. It was unfortunate to stumble coming in. Still in the Top-10 or 20 going into the weekend is in good shape.

16, I drove it in a left rough and had a dicey rough. I didn't think a lay-up was that easy of a shot. I thought I could get a hybrid and chase it up there, but it went to the right rough and I had no angle. I hit it in the middle of the green and had a putt that was way faster than I anticipated.

Then 17, I was in between clubs, I'm trying to chip a 7-iron and stopped on it and pulled it and it went in the water and made bogey there.

It was not as clean as a ball striking with my irons today as it was yesterday. All in all, I mean, I basically had about three kind of poor holes. I had some goofy stuff happen today. I was playing good earlier and then on 7, I tugged a 3-wood a little bit trying to keep it up the left side and I was going to lay-up. I was going to hit 3-wood, 6-iron and a wedge. It catches the tree and it kicks 40 yards left off the cart path into some high grass and made bogey that way. It was some silly things, but I also made a couple nice putts. I had myself in real good position. Little disappointed with the double double par finish, but it's a hard golf course and those are hard holes and stuff happens.

Q. At one point Kis was 6 and you were 5-under. Are you looking at leaderboards? Did you notice that?
D.A. POINTS: No, no. It's so far from the end of the deal. There's a chance 3- or 4-under could still win this thing. I don't think it will, but there's a chance. Like I said, I'm in the Top 20 probably going into the weekend of my only major I've played year and the last few years, I'm happy with where I am.

Q. Can you explain what's been going on this week that's got you into the Top 20?
D.A. POINTS: I have done a pretty good job keeping it in front of me, hitting in the fairway. My golf swing isn't right where I want it to be. I have manufactured a lot of shots to get it to where it needs to get on the green. Occasionally I get a good number and hit a nice shot. I have chipped and putted it really well. My scrambling has been pretty good all year. It's a little bit here or there. I haven't been playing bad the last couple of months, it's not like I'm shooting 80 every day. I'm shooting even or 1-over or 1-under and out here that doesn't get you very far.

Q. How different is this place than when you lost in the playoff in 2012?
D.A. POINTS: Very different. You add 20, 30 yards on a couple of tee shots or you move the green back on 11, you add 20 yards to 18. When they did the Bermuda, I think it's great but all those slopes that were okay with bent are now down grain and are really, really dicey when you get some pins close to them.

Like yesterday, I hit a nice 5-iron on the middle of the 13th green and all of a sudden I was chipping from 40 yards off the right of the green. Stuff like that with the bentgrass, it wouldn't have happened. That's the difference.

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