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August 11, 2017

Byeong Hun An

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. Wonder if you could talk about the round, how it went, and that eagle?
BYEONG HUN AN: Yeah, I didn't have a good start to be fair. I wasn't hitting it pretty good, and off the tee, as well. Missed some shots here and there. But I think I held on nicely and made some good par saves and then the eagle happened. I think that was the turning point, and then my shots were better and my drive was better, and I think that led to a couple birdies on the back nine.

This course, if you don't drive it well, you have no chance for birdie because the greens are going to be firmer. Once you're in the rough, it's hard to get it close.

Q. Can you describe the eagle?
BYEONG HUN AN: In the left bunker off the tee and then hit 4-iron pretty good, where I wanted but just came out a little short. And then chipped in. It's a straightforward chip. It was a little downhill, but I know as long as I get it on the green, it kind of releases all the way, exactly where I wanted.

Q. How long was it?
BYEONG HUN AN: Probably 30 yards.

Q. How do you feel about going into the weekend? What are your goals?
BYEONG HUN AN: Try and have fun out there. That's why I play, you know what I mean. Try and have fun and try to enjoy this golf course.

Q. Given what you've seen and how difficult it is, what do you think about a guy who could be 8-under par at this point?
BYEONG HUN AN: He's a good player. It's not a surprising thing that he's 8-under par right now. He's been playing well and he's obviously a great player. That's incredible. 8-under par through two days, that's a pretty good score. Hopefully next two days, I guess I'll try to catch up with him.

Q. If we get rain as forecast, how might that change the playing?
BYEONG HUN AN: The greens are going to get softer obviously but the fairways are going to get soft, too, which makes a driver go a little bit shorter than the last two days. So I think it will make it a little tougher I think, maybe, because the driver is not going as far, because you have a longer iron in and obviously that makes more -- higher percentage of missing a shot.

So it's a bit of both. It's hard to tell. All depends how much rain we're going to get and where they put the flags. So all depends.

Q. With two rounds kind of under your belt, do you change your strategy at all knowing how the course has been playing under tournament conditions and knowing what the scores are out there, or how are you going to approach the next couple days?
BYEONG HUN AN: Same as the last two days. Just try to be -- try to be smart and try to focus on every shot, and place it where I want. You can't really do anything, it's not like you can't hit it to where you want every time. I'll try to hit it where I want it, and like I said, just enjoy it out there.

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