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August 10, 2017

Alexander Zverev

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

A. ZVEREV/N. Kyrgios

6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It was your first win against Kyrgios. How satisfied are you to beat an opponent like him for the first time?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Well, I'm happy how I played. I'm happy to be through. Obviously against him, it's not easy because he's one of the biggest servers that we have. He plays with not a lot of rhythm.

I'm happy to be through. I was out there on the court for a long time yesterday. Nice to get a two-setter today.

Q. In sports momentum is huge. Do you think something carried over from last night, the point against Gasquet?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: No, I felt great. Yeah, I mean, definitely it helped that I won the point against Gasquet, otherwise I would be in Cincinnati right now.

No, I mean, I played well last week. Playing well this week. Yeah, the momentum is definitely with me. But I'm playing Anderson tomorrow, who I played in the final on Sunday. He played a lot of matches. He's playing very, very well. It's going to be another interesting one.

Q. 24 hours ago in the match against Gasquet, you had your left foot issue. How were you feeling out there today? Are you surprised you recovered so quickly?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: No, I mean, I still feel it a little bit. I had pain this morning. We did a lot of work with my physio, who has done a great job so far.

Yeah, I'm still taping it. Hopefully it's nothing too serious and I can continue playing.

Q. This year you've already played 56 matches. You won seven in a row. You played a lot of doubles with your brother. How is your body taking all this tennis? Only halfway through the season.
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: It's more than half way. We have three months left, so it's way more than half.

Right now I feel okay. I'm winning a lot, so that helps.

Q. How does it feel to be seeded No. 4 for the first time in a Masters 1000?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Well, obviously it feels good. But it feels a little bit strange, as well. It's a Masters 1000, one of the biggest events we have on tour.

For me, I'm not used to it yet. But I'm guessing that hopefully it will happen a lot more times, maybe even higher seeded. I'm guessing that's something I have to get used to.

Q. Did it change something in your mind, the fact that you're seeded 4?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: No. I still play every match the same way. It doesn't change anything.

Q. Do you feel now that you have a target on your back?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: No. As I said, I play every match the same way. If somebody's better than me, then somebody's better than me. If I play my best, somebody beats me, that's fine.

Q. How is it to play against the same opponent two times in four or five days?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: If it's going to be the same outcome, then it's fine. If it changes, then I'm not too happy about it.

As I said, we both play good tennis at the moment. We both played in the final of Washington. We're in the quarterfinals here. We obviously have to be playing good, are in good form. I mean, this happens in tennis. Every week is another tournament.

I'm happy for him, too, that he's in the quarterfinals. But tomorrow is going to be another interesting one between us.

Q. The USTA is introducing the shot clock in qualifying, also on-court coaching.
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: It's not really on-court coaching. It's more be on the sideline and the coach can talk to you. I think a lot of players are doing it already, to be honest. I think there's not a big change. They're just doing it legally now, kind of. So I actually don't mind that idea.

The shot clock, I don't mind as well. I think it should maybe be an extra five seconds, something like that, so we have a little bit more time.

But both of those ideas, they're not bad.

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