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August 10, 2017

Jordan Smith

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. Your first major round. Didn't get off to a great start, but a great finish out there.
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, I mean, I thought this could be a long day, but just went out and enjoyed ourselves and ended up playing some good golf again.

Q. A lot of people go out and play the first hole like that and keep their heads down and feel like it's not going to happen this time?
JORDAN SMITH: I knew the first hole was going to be tough anyway. I knew there was going to be bogeys and doubles. You have to take it like a par-5 and just move on.

Q. Coming to the back nine, obviously you had a couple of birdies and bogey free?
JORDAN SMITH: I hit a lot of good shots, couple of short putts I should have made. The greens are tricky. They are so quick. I'm very happy.

Q. Three shots off the lead. A good platform for the rest of the week?
JORDAN SMITH: Definitely. Go out tomorrow, have fun and enjoy myself.

Q. Your first major, what has been like so far?
JORDAN SMITH: It's been awesome. Loved every minute. Nothing to complain about. Just soak it up and take it in.

Q. What is the biggest difference you have noticed?
JORDAN SMITH: Just the whole setup. You fly into the airport, you are given a car for the week, a nice house for the week, just the grandstands are much bigger, crowds are bigger, a lot rowdier and the course is tougher.

Q. Might be different weather tomorrow. Any thoughts going into tomorrow? Any plan?
JORDAN SMITH: Not really, no. Just see what it's like tomorrow when we're playing and take it from there.

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