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August 10, 2017

Robynn Ree

San Diego, California

Q. Made it to the quarterfinals; how does it feel?
ROBYNN REE: I'm definitely excited. I think last year I went to the quarterfinals and I lost, so I'm glad that I'm able to get back into the quarterfinals again this year.

Q. Just talk to me about you're first alternate coming out of the site, you didn't know you were going to get in until about two weeks ago?
ROBYNN REE: They let me know about one week before.

Q. So like July 29th, right after the Canadian Women's Am?
ROBYNN REE: Yeah, they told me the Friday before, so it was literally a week before. I was glad that they -- I mean, I feel bad for the other person that dropped out, but I'm glad I got the opportunity to play down here.

Q. I think it was actually a held spot in case the winner of the Canadian Women's Am wasn't in the field. Talk to me about your afternoon round. It went on to 18, a little different than this morning.
ROBYNN REE: Yeah, I actually haven't played from 14 on to the end for the last two days, so kind of -- it was a little different for me to go all the way to the end. Definitely it was a difficult match, so I just tried to stay focused all the way to the end.

Q. Have you played her before?
ROBYNN REE: No, she said we played together in a practice round three years ago (indiscernible) invitational, junior one.

Q. Have you known anyone that you've played with so far?

Q. Because you're friends with like everyone. You're like the friendliest, smiliest person.
ROBYNN REE: No, I didn't know any of them.

Q. Talk to me about some of the birdies you had today.
ROBYNN REE: The afternoon match?

Q. Or both. Anything that sticks out.
ROBYNN REE: I mean, I think I just put myself in good positions for birdie attempts. For the first two stroke play matches, I couldn't make anything. None of my putts were dropping. So I kept telling myself that I was saving them for match play, and luckily they came out when I needed them.

Q. What's working for you this week?
ROBYNN REE: I feel like I'm putting. I feel like I can read the greens better, and definitely my putting speed is helping me a lot, too, because these greens are difficult.

Q. You're sticking it pretty close. Are you giving yourself good looks?
ROBYNN REE: Yeah, I'm getting -- like my shots are kind of like here and there, but when they're good, I give myself about 10 feet or shorter for a birdie attempt.

Q. And Mickey Wright, this was like her home course growing up, and she said you don't get a good lie anywhere on this course. What would you say to Mickey about that?
ROBYNN REE: Honestly, I think, yeah, there are times when you don't get good lies because everywhere on this course the grass is kind of a little different. I think I put myself in positions where I didn't have too many problems with lies and stuff like that.

Q. So what do you think the key to this course is?
ROBYNN REE: Definitely hitting it on the fairway because the rough can get kind of sticky, and there are a lot of trees. But for sure in the afternoon, since the greens get firmer, it's key to probably stay on the greens and below the hole.

Q. And you grew up in Southern California, so were you excited when you saw that this championship was going to be at San Diego Country Club?
ROBYNN REE: Yeah, I think this is my first time playing in a USGA event in California -- actually, no, I played the Open last year. That was northern California. But obviously this is closer, and this was my brother's home course. He went to San Diego State.

Q. So did he share any tips for you?
ROBYNN REE: No, his assistant coach caddied for me.

Q. So he knows the course pretty well.

Q. Is he still caddying for you now?
ROBYNN REE: I don't think he's caddying for me tomorrow because he has to go caddie for someone at the Am.

Q. But he has the whole time through now?
ROBYNN REE: Yeah, he has.

Q. Do you know who's going to caddie for you tomorrow?
ROBYNN REE: Probably my mom.

Q. You're always smiling and always so positive no matter what happens. How do you do that?
ROBYNN REE: I mean, honestly, there's no point in dwelling over the past because it's already done. I guess like in order to overcome those like challenges, I just try to just kind of not care about it and just like move on.

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