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August 10, 2017

Gary Woodland

Charlotte, North Carolina

GARY WOODLAND: I drove the ball well, got off to a good start. Birdied the second hole which is a bonus on that golf hole.

I attacked the par-5, kind of gave one away there on 10. Had 3-wood in the middle of the fairway. Outside of that I drove the golf ball great. Gave myself a lot of challenges. Very happy with where I'm at.

Q. Talk about your putting. Any changes?
GARY WOODLAND: I haven't made putts in a long time. I made a couple in Canada. I've been hitting the golf ball really well for a while now. I talked to Fax earlier this week. I worked with Strick yesterday. I talked to two of the greats. I picked up some things definitely.

From the start today I felt really comfortable. I played well here at this golf course in the past. I'm comfortable on this golf course. To see a couple putts go in early, I was happy.

Q. What did Strick tell you on the putting green yesterday?
GARY WOODLAND: I've worked with him a couple of times, a lot of setup stuff. The day before a major, it's all about freeing it up. We're not trying to do too much. Just get comfortable was the big deal.

Q. Your off-course life is settled a little bit now?
GARY WOODLAND: That's been huge. Last week was tough because I was gone all week. After Canada I flew home. I was a little rusty last week, tired more than anything. I settled in on the weekend. Played really good on Sunday and carried that in to this week.

Q. Gary, what is your take on the 4th?
GARY WOODLAND: That pin today is brutal. There's a lot going on there. Probably should be flattened a little bit. I mean, you're hitting a mid iron in. Today the wind was in, so it played longer than it should. If you have a 9-iron or a wedge, it's all right. It's a tough green if it's firm and you're hitting a long iron.

Q. What did you do there?
GARY WOODLAND: I hit it over the green and got it up-and-down.

Q. Were you surprised to see yourself at the top of leaderboard there at 3-under for a while?
GARY WOODLAND: No, not really. I think the last three times I have played here, I have been inside the Top 20, 25. I think I finished fourth last year.

Very comfortable on this golf course, sets up good to my eye. The changes they've made, I hit more drivers now than I ever do. It's a longer golf course. Almost like they did it for me, I think.

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