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August 9, 2017

Haley Moore

San Diego, California

Q. That was a grind, wasn't it?
HALEY MOORE: Yeah, big grind, yeah.

Q. I heard you talking a little bit down the stretch. Are you confident coming into the stretch of this golf course you said because of the par-5s and the short 17th?
HALEY MOORE: Yeah, definitely a little bit because during my practice rounds, I worked on every par-5 besides hole 8, I have a 3-wood into the green in my practice rounds, and when I practiced I just hit a bunch of 3-woods solid in the fairway, so that way I know I can get close to the green. That's been paying off.

With 17, I just hit a lot of wedge shots into the green just because that green is very difficult, and yeah.

Q. And that was a bit unfortunate today you got a flier?
HALEY MOORE: Yeah, and it kind of released, but it was okay.

Q. So that was a tough turnaround there because you're 55 yards from the green or whatever. Do you feel like you're getting -- that the more you play match play, are you getting better at recovering quickly from that because obviously you did?
HALEY MOORE: Yeah, I definitely got better because kind of how I said early in there, I missed a couple short putts in the beginning, and I kind of just took some breaths and just was focusing more on getting it closer to the hole. Yeah, and I think just 18, I was just a little rattled, and I just came in there, just hit a good drive and was in between two clubs and just hit a nice easy one and just stuck it pretty close and made birdie.

Q. What was your yardage?
HALEY MOORE: I had about 107 yards, and I hit like a choked down pitching wedge.

Q. Is that as good a drive as you've hit on that hole in the rounds that you've played here?
HALEY MOORE: That was probably the best on 18 because the wind is like dead into you and across. I think I just have the advantage because since there's downslopes I can hit the downslope and it can just trickle down there.

Q. You said you had 55 yards on her on that shot. Obviously she had a much longer shot, kind of turned it over. Feel good to see the birdie go in?
HALEY MOORE: Yeah, it did, only because I only had a couple fall in today, so definitely just going to go to the putting green for a little bit and just get more confident in my stroke.

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