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August 9, 2017

Kristen Gillman

San Diego, California

Q. Just kind of walk me through your play today.
KRISTEN GILLMAN: I felt like today I played pretty solid. I made a lot of pars and Haley played really well, so I knew that I had to make birdies if I wanted to win some holes. I think I made two bogeys, but other than that, I think I made a couple birdies and a lot of pars.

Q. And obviously you won in 2014; any added pressure?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: I feel like you can look at it both ways. It is added pressure because there's a lot of people talking about how you've won this tournament before, but then there's also no added pressure because playing it you know you've won. Obviously you want to win, but if you lose, at least I've won it before.

Q. What does it take to win this championship?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: It takes a lot. It's a really long week, and so me and my dad were talking about it out on the course how it's a long week, so you can't really make any mistakes. You have to play well for every single day, and I think it's like seven days long. It's a lot of golf, but I mean, you just have to stay on top of your game.

Q. Again, highlighting, what were some of the highlights from your round today that stood out to you?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Today I made a lot of good putts. I felt like one of the birdies that stood out to me the most was the one on hole 6 because I had bogeyed the hole before, so it was nice to gain that momentum back right after I lost a hole.

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