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August 9, 2017

Virginia Elena Carta

San Diego, California

Q. Why are you such a good match play player? We've seen it last year, NCAAs. What do you like about match play so much?
VIRGINIA ELENA CARTA: I think I'm a good match play player just because I'm able to focus on one shot at a time, and even if one hole is not going my way, like I'm able to finish up well that hole somehow because I'm not thinking that much about the score itself, so I'm not thinking, oh, I'm 4-over, I'm 2-over. I could be like 5-under or 6-over, that does not matter in match play. It matters just like be in the present, be patient, and keep rolling putts, and if they don't go in, it's okay, they will sooner or later. So I think that's why, and today was an example of it. I didn't play my best golf, but I kept staying patient. I kept waiting for the putts to go in, and then I made finally the final putt to win, so that's, I guess, being patient is the key.

Q. So I'm guessing you enjoy playing match play; this is one of your favorite parts of golf?
VIRGINIA ELENA CARTA: Yes, it is, I guess. I like playing match play but not when I play against my friends. That's a little bit tougher. But it's a good competition. I like this kind of format.

Q. How do you take your experience from last year going into the Women's Amateur, into this year? Did that help you throughout this past year and coming into this year's event?
VIRGINIA ELENA CARTA: Yeah, for sure it gave me a lot of confidence going into the spring, a lot of expectations, as well, which kind of I had difficulty like going through them, but this is why this week I'm trying to have low expectations and just play one match at a time, one shot at a time, and just be in the present because you never know, like last year, I didn't expect at the beginning of the week to get to the end, but it happened. I had a good chance to win the championship, as well.

I guess being patient and just hitting one shot at a time, that's what you need to do to get to the end of the week.

Q. Now that we're into match play, what do you do with the rest of your day today? Do you just go back to the hotel, go to the beach? What do you do?
VIRGINIA ELENA CARTA: I have to find my coach first because I have no idea where he is, and then I think I'm going to go on the range, and I'm going to go range, chipping and putting for like 45 minutes max to just review everything and get ready for tomorrow, and then I would say rest for the rest of the day because tomorrow it's an early tee time.

Q. Today's play specifically, just a quick summary of how today went for you.
VIRGINIA ELENA CARTA: I knew playing against Pauline would have been hard, like a good match. My Italian friends that played against her recently said, you've got this, she's very good. I had to shoot like 6-under to beat her. I was going into the match knowing that she was a very good player, and she was. I was not surprised about that. I just think my long game did not work as well as yesterday. Some irons were not as precise, and my tee shots were pretty good. I missed some of them, but for sure my irons were not as good as yesterday.

I think if I could be patient and working a little bit now on my irons and short game, I should be ready for tomorrow.

Q. Was it kind of the iron play that would sort of prevent you from stepping ahead in the front nine?
VIRGINIA ELENA CARTA: Yeah, definitely it was.

Q. So did you kind of -- going into the back nine, did you flip the switch a little bit, because obviously 10, 11, 12, kind of was consecutive birdies for you.
VIRGINIA ELENA CARTA: Yeah, I tried to focus more on my irons and like believing in them a little bit more instead of playing them like in a conservative way. I told myself, okay, it's time to actually like hit this ball and like put it close to the pin. I think I was more like playing a conservative golf and not really getting angry if everything was not fine, which made me really relaxed, which is fine, but at the same time, I needed to like wake up and actually have a reaction to that, which I had in the second nine.

Q. And were any of those -- did you drain any par putts, get any close --
VIRGINIA ELENA CARTA: Yes, except in the front nine, on No. 3, I hit a very good shot to the green and then I saw a putt that was -- it was actually downhill, and I thought that it goes uphill, and I hit it as an uphill putt, so it almost went off the green. Except for that putt, all the other putts were going pretty close. They had pretty good chances to go in. I holed just, I think, two of them or three of them. One was on the last hole that I played. I can't complain about the pace of my putter, though. It has been good all week long, and my coach and I have been doing a good job on keeping it good.

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