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August 9, 2017

Brooke Seay

San Diego, California

Q. You had a chance to win, I guess, on 18, right?
BROOKE SEAY: Yes, I did.

Q. Talk about that putt.
BROOKE SEAY: It was more the approach that was the problem. I think my dad was just saying a few things at the end, and I didn't trust my shot, so I hit it into the right bunker. I hit a pretty good shot coming out of there but had a seven-footer for par. She had already made par, and I hit it a little bit on the high side. But yeah, then moved on to 1 and 2.

Q. How do you regroup when you have a chance to win a hole and then you have to go extra holes? Mentally how do you get refocused to play the playoff holes?
BROOKE SEAY: Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I think you just have to move on as soon as you can. You get mad for a second and let it energize you if you want, but actually like the mentality of coming back a little bit more, so I think that was good for me to lose on 18, to win two holes later actually, because I think it just heightened my focus a little bit.

Q. And what about the 20th hole? What did you hit in there? What was the difference?
BROOKE SEAY: The 20th hole, I hit into the right rough with my second shot, and Rachel hit it into the left rough. I hit mine on the top tier. She hit hers just short in the bunker. I think she was blocked in the trees. We both had tough putts coming down and left them short, and then I had about a five-footer for par to win the match. It was a really tight match. I mean, she's a great person and a great player. I've never had such a tight match. It was back and forth all day. Most of the time we were winning with birdies and sometimes even halving with birdies. It was a great match, and to win against her, it was tough.

Q. You guys are going to be teammates next week at the Junior Solheim Cup. Is that a little strange?
BROOKE SEAY: She's one of my good friends, actually, so it was pretty friendly. Obviously there were some parts that were pretty intense, but I'm looking forward to next week. I think we're going to try to be paired together for either foursomes or four-ball, so I'm excited for that. I know she is, too.

Q. What year in school are you going to be?
BROOKE SEAY: I'm going to be a junior.

Q. You haven't committed anywhere yet?
BROOKE SEAY: No, I haven't.

Q. What kind of schools are you looking at?
BROOKE SEAY: Still looking. We're figuring it out still. I don't want to rush the decision.

Q. You guys both played in the Women's Open this year?
BROOKE SEAY: Yes, we did.

Q. You played a pretty special practice round together?
BROOKE SEAY: Yes, we actually traveled together, too. We did for that tournament.

Q. When you say you traveled together, like same flights and stuff or driving --
BROOKE SEAY: No, we just did for that tournament. We were both playing in the Wyndham Cup, which was east versus west, and my mom flew home, and my dad met me there so he could caddie, and I just went on the same flight as Rachel. So we both went to New Jersey and they helped me to check in and everything.

Q. What are your thoughts going forward to tomorrow?
BROOKE SEAY: I'm excited. I was playing some good golf today. I think I definitely needed to to win the match play. But I think the key to these tournaments is just to improve a little bit as the tournament goes on and just keep playing better every day. But you have to just reset and play your game.

Q. How far did you go in the Girls' Junior two weeks ago?
BROOKE SEAY: I made it to the round of 32.

Q. Is that the farthest you've ever been in a USGA amateur event?

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