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August 9, 2017

Shannon Aubert

San Diego, California

Q. Talk about your -- you had a little slow start today, a couple of bogeys. Was it just nerves?
SHANNON AUBERT: I think partially nerves, just some bad shots. They'll sneak up on you pretty quick out here.

Q. You had a stretch of nine holes there where you were 4-under par and won six holes.
SHANNON AUBERT: Yeah, and on the last hole, my ball popped out -- it hit the flagstick and popped off the green. It like flew in and skidded off the green.

Q. So that would have been for an eagle?
SHANNON AUBERT: Yeah, but it was a par.

Q. 6 & 4 was pretty much --

Q. Were you aware of the little trend going on with the medalists in the last three years?
SHANNON AUBERT: Well, the thing is I actually caddied for a French player two years ago in Oregon, and she had the 64th spot, and she played Angel, who was the medalist, and beat her, and I was caddying. So it was like, yeah -- and it had happened to me before at a tournament where I was medalist and got knocked out in the first round.

Q. You never know.
SHANNON AUBERT: Yeah, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. Like I said, you're just a player in the field now.

Q. What about just getting through the first match? Sometimes that's always a big one, just get through the first one, get your feet wet, get comfortable with it?
SHANNON AUBERT: I mean, Sam played great. It was a tough match for sure. I was lucky enough to start hitting well, make a few putts, so I mean, it obviously just feels good to win and have the confidence of the match play.

Q. Obviously it kicked in in that stretch. Was it just a matter of just hitting some good shots?
SHANNON AUBERT: Yeah, I mean, on hole No. 6 -- no, 5, 7 and 8, I hit to 10 feet, four feet and two feet.

Q. On No. 8 were you surprised she gave you that one?
SHANNON AUBERT: No, 8 was short. I was like, it's nice, because you can still miss those short ones.

Q. Second round match is either going to be against the reigning Girls' Junior champion or your fellow countrywoman.
SHANNON AUBERT: Who just won the European Am last week, so yeah.

Q. No rest for the weary.
SHANNON AUBERT: No, exactly. Either way it'll be a great time. One match at a time, try to go out and play better on 18 holes than that person.

Q. Who was the French you caddied for two years ago?
SHANNON AUBERT: Justine Dreher.

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