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August 8, 2017

Alexa Pano

San Diego, California

Q. You'd like to have that putt back, but you're playing tomorrow.
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, true.

Q. Thoughts about your performance the last two days. I think conditions were pretty different out here today.
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, today was a little tougher day than yesterday. I felt that I played a bit better today. Today I hit 15 greens, yesterday 18, and my ball-striking has just been really good all week, the places that I'm losing shots is definitely putting. At one point today I got it to 3-under and just lost it towards the end.

Q. Was it fatigue do you think?
ALEXA PANO: No, it's just -- one hole I had a little bit of loss of focus. I just completely duffed a 42-yard shot into a bunker, and then on this last hole, I made good shots and just kind of messed up. But it was just a rough finishing final three, four holes.

Q. Obviously everybody starts fresh tomorrow.
ALEXA PANO: Very true.

Q. What's your mindset now? Do you work on some putting overnight or just get some rest? What's your mindset?
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, I might go practice some putting. It's been definitely an issue for the past two days. But tomorrow is a new day, and maybe it'll be a bit better.

Q. A 12 year old in match play against all these older players.
ALEXA PANO: Yeah. It doesn't really matter at that point because, like you said, everyone is at zero. Everyone plays golf, and everyone just goes out and plays.

Q. Having the experience from a couple weeks ago, do you think that'll help you once you're into match play?
ALEXA PANO: A little bit. I definitely wasn't worried about seeding because as you saw, none of the high seeds really made it. The only thing that I'm going to worry about tomorrow is just shooting the same that I did today, and whoever I play against will shoot what they shoot.

Q. Do you do a little different philosophy in match play? Maybe a little more aggressive?
ALEXA PANO: Sometimes I will get more aggressive. Like on No. 16, I probably would have gone for the green tomorrow rather than just hitting like a hybrid and laying up. But there are definitely places that I can see myself being more aggressive with my shots, but definitely won't change too much because I just play it as another 18-hole round.

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