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August 8, 2017

Shannon Aubert

San Diego, California

Q. Well played.

Q. I mean, I guess it ties the second best 36-hole stroke play score in the history of the championship.

Q. Yeah. Your thoughts on that?
SHANNON AUBERT: Well, I didn't know that. That's very, very cool. It's nice to be part of something and know that, yeah, I guess be part of the history of the championship because it's such a prestigious tournament.

Q. You got off to a great start with three birdies in four holes this morning.

Q. Just like yesterday.

Q. But the opposite side. Are you feeling good about your swing coming off the range?
SHANNON AUBERT: Honestly, just like yesterday, I was pretty nervous going out there. I'm lucky enough to date someone who's also a golfer, so he calms me down, so he helped me calm down again today.

Q. Who's that?
SHANNON AUBERT: Matthias Schwab.

Q. The guy from Vanderbilt?
SHANNON AUBERT: Yeah, he just graduated.

Q. So he's out here?
SHANNON AUBERT: No, he's not. He's in Northern Ireland. He has a tournament.

Q. So this is just through FaceTime?

Q. How were the conditions this morning? You played yesterday in a little bit of a breeze. Today obviously a morning time.
SHANNON AUBERT: It's definitely easier without the wind. One less factor on this tough course. The greens were a tiny bit faster, so I rolled a couple putts a little further back than I had anticipated, but it definitely is a little easier to play, so that's why I think towards the back nine when the wind started picking up, that's when I started making a little less birdies and had to make some putts for par.

Q. At some point, you obviously realize you're going to make match play, so what are you thinking about? What's your mindset now? Are you thinking, go low, just try to get in the house with a decent number?
SHANNON AUBERT: Yeah. Well, originally it was just all about just making the top 64 because at the end of the day after today, everyone is back on an even playing field. But I figured for playing well on a regular tournament, you wouldn't just slow down and say let's play safe, so why treat it any different. It's like two separate tournaments, so yeah.

Q. Your thoughts of possibly being the medalist and going into match play as the top seed, it's been a little bit of a tough road the past few years, the top seed hasn't fared well.
SHANNON AUBERT: Well, I think you just have to respect all the players in the field. Obviously it would be a great honor to be medalist because that's something special in and of itself. But I have today to cherish it and then tomorrow realize it's a brand new championship, whether you finish first, 30th, 64, you're in it, and it's back to square one and it's just respecting the players and the golf.

Q. Coming from Europe, you probably are used to match play events?

Q. Have you had a lot of success in them in the past?
SHANNON AUBERT: I'd say I've had a rather good track record with match play. I'd like to think so. But then again, it's just on that day, you've just got to play better.

Q. What was your recollection of the NCAAs and match play?
SHANNON AUBERT: Last year as in like --

Q. This past spring when you guys got to the semis.
SHANNON AUBERT: Well, I won the match in the semis and then I didn't get to finish my match at the quarters. I was 1-down and had a three-footer to win on 18, but I didn't finish.

Q. Who did you beat in the semis?
SHANNON AUBERT: Roberta Litti.

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