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August 8, 2017

Stephanie Lau

San Diego, California

Q. Nice round today.

Q. You got off to a really good start. How much did that propel you to play well today?
STEPHANIE LAU: I mean, starting off with three birdies is great, and then it was good. I think it gave me some confidence, and then just played the rest of the day.

Q. Does that get you off to a good mindset when the know the cut is looming and you're trying to make the 64?
STEPHANIE LAU: I mean, I think it was just -- I don't know. I don't think the cut was in my mind. I was just thinking about hitting good shots into the green, and then knowing that yesterday I left some out there, I was excited to get back out and get some more birdies.

Q. Does it help to have a quick turnaround, too?
STEPHANIE LAU: Yeah, I love it.

Q. How about the conditions this morning compared to what you faced yesterday with kind of a little more wind in the afternoon?
STEPHANIE LAU: Yeah, it was nice starting off in the early morning when it's more calm, and then the wind started picking up on the back nine. But that's what it was like yesterday, so I think I was used to it.

Q. Were the greens firming up?
STEPHANIE LAU: A little bit, yeah. But I felt like they were almost the same as yesterday, maybe a little bit quicker, but yeah.

Q. All three of you guys played well.
STEPHANIE LAU: Yeah, it was fun.

Q. When everybody is playing well, does that kind of wear off on everybody in the group through osmosis?
STEPHANIE LAU: I think it motivates all of us. We're like, oh, she's getting a birdie, like it's possible, so we're all like pushing each other to go lower. It was great.

Q. Match play starts tomorrow; you've been in this championship before, correct?
STEPHANIE LAU: Yes, but I haven't made it to match play.

Q. Ever in a USGA event?
STEPHANIE LAU: U.S. Girls' I have, but --

Q. Will you take a different approach to this golf course tomorrow?
STEPHANIE LAU: I don't think so. I think maybe I'll play some holes a little bit more aggressively, but I feel like I've had more experience with match play this year, so I'm excited to go out there and play again.

Q. How did you do in the NCAAs in match play?
STEPHANIE LAU: 0 and 5. I lost all five matches. Or I think it was four or something. I didn't win any of my matches. But I played some match play events this summer, so I don't have what happened at NCAAs in my mind.

Q. That's in the past.

Q. What match play events did you play this summer?
STEPHANIE LAU: I played the Western Am and North-South.

Q. How did you do?
STEPHANIE LAU: Western I got to the round of 16, and then North-South I think I also got to the round of 16.

Q. So you feel comfortable with it?
STEPHANIE LAU: Yeah, so I want to redeem myself.

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