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August 7, 2017

Shannon Aubert

San Diego, California

Q. You started off really well today, 5-under 31 on the front. Did it just feel like one of those days?
SHANNON AUBERT: I think I was just trying to stay steady because it's a really tough course. You can get a lot of bogeys really quick, so it's just about staying steady, sticking to the game plan, because it was clearly working okay.

Q. Obviously this afternoon the wind is picking up a little bit and the scores kind of reflected that. You were the low round of the afternoon, 3-under 69. Did you find the course getting a little more challenging as the day went on?
SHANNON AUBERT: Yeah, I think one thing we're a little lucky is the greens slowed down a little in the afternoon, obviously because they're growing, but with the wind and stuff, it gets hard to just be confident on certain putts or on certain shots and be confident in decisions, so I think that's probably the hardest part for most people is sticking to what you're doing. But yeah, it's obviously always harder to play in the wind with an extra factor.

Q. Obviously you got off to an unbelievable start, 5-under through eight holes. Were the putts long that you made for birdie?
SHANNON AUBERT: No. I had one putt that was maybe 20 feet and the rest were all inside 10 feet. I was just hitting it close and making them, so it was fun.

Q. Was there a shot on the front nine that really stood out?
SHANNON AUBERT: Shot that stood out? Not necessarily. I'd say I was happy with my wedge because I wasn't sure about the distance. When it ended up like six feet, I was pretty happy about that.

Q. What hole was that?

Q. That's the par-5, right?

Q. Was there anything on the back nine? Did you have some good looks for birdies?
SHANNON AUBERT: I did. I mean, I had one tap-in birdie basically, then I had a few looks. It was a little harder, like on 10 I just flew the green, just completely the wrong club; 18, just hit a bad drive. So it's just one shot here or there will really cost you on the scores.

Q. Are you pretty happy? Obviously a great round today. Tomorrow you don't have to put too much pressure on yourself obviously to shoot a number because the low 64 make it into match play.
SHANNON AUBERT: Right. Well, yeah, obviously I'm really happy about today. If before I played someone told me you're going to shoot 3-under, of course I'd take it any day. It's a little disappointing after being 5-under after eight holes to not stay at that, but like I said, at the beginning of the day if I would have found out I'd shoot 3-under, I'd be stoked about it.

Q. You might not get so much wind tomorrow morning.
SHANNON AUBERT: Yeah, so that'll be great.

Q. I see you've lived in nine countries; is that right?

Q. That's a lot of moving around.

Q. Which countries did you live in? Obviously France.
SHANNON AUBERT: France, South Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, Singapore, Indonesia, Switzerland, just all over.

Q. Your parents -- your mom was a figure skater?
SHANNON AUBERT: Yeah, my mom was a figure skater, and my father was a skier, but actually by the time I came around, they were both in the hotel industry, so that was the moving.

Q. What did they do, they were general managers?
SHANNON AUBERT: Yeah, so my dad used to be the GM at Club Med, so we'd move around all the time and have a vacation life.

Q. You probably got free vacations?
SHANNON AUBERT: I did. My life was a vacation. It was great.

Q. Is that kind of how you picked up golf, at all those nice resorts?
SHANNON AUBERT: No, I started playing golf maybe when I was about eight, and we were actually living in Switzerland at the time, so it was a mediocre choice of a sport to pick up. So that's when I moved to Singapore and Indonesia because it was better for golf.

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