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August 7, 2017

Haley Moore

San Diego, California

Q. Great round, obviously.
HALEY MOORE: Thank you.

Q. Pretty thrilled to get that one in first?
HALEY MOORE: Yeah. I'm pretty thrilled. I started off pretty steady, a couple birdies coming in, and after the front nine I was 3-under. Played pretty steady after a couple bogeys out there, but it happens, so feel good with how I played today. Just tomorrow, just stay steady.

Q. The birdies, did you roll it well out here? To make eight birdies on this golf course is pretty special, right?
HALEY MOORE: Yeah, I was rolling it pretty good. I mean, I was also hitting it pretty close to the hole, so I didn't have that far. But I was pretty happy. I could have made a couple more out there, but yeah.

Q. Are all the par-5s reachable for you and did you go for all of them?
HALEY MOORE: They can be reachable depending on the wind, and I went for all of them and almost made birdie on the first two on the back nine but then birdied both on the front. Two-putt birdie hole 8, and then I hit about a 50-yard chip on 2 and made like a six-foot birdie putt.

Q. What was the longest birdie putt today for you?
HALEY MOORE: Longest birdie putt was probably about 11 feet.

Q. That's hitting it close, right?

Q. How good did the irons feel?
HALEY MOORE: Felt pretty good today. One of the bogeys I had, I didn't hit the best iron shot, but they were all pretty good today, pretty steady. I've been working a lot on consistency with my irons, so hopefully I can get a little practice session in today and then tomorrow keep hitting my irons good.

Q. What were the nerves like today on the first tee?
HALEY MOORE: Just like a little nervous but not too much, just because I've played here about five times, actually, so I kind of knew the course a little bit. I think only playing nine holes yesterday, it definitely saved my energy for today.

Q. What do you feel like you learned in those five or four and a half practice rounds that helped you today?
HALEY MOORE: A lot about the greens because a lot of these greens if you play more break with the downhill putts, you kind of stop more. So I just practiced my most time on the greens and chipping around the greens on the par-5s that if you do come close to reaching I can get up-and-down for birdie.

Q. Are you staying at home this week?
HALEY MOORE: No, I'm staying at an Airbnb close, but I hope to make it home maybe sometimes to go back and just see family and friends, yeah.

Q. I was listening to when you were talking to your mom, and she's like, I have to arrange this Airbnb for Haley for the Women's Am. I'm like, it's in San Diego.
HALEY MOORE: Yeah, we're just afraid with like traffic, but it works. Even playing here, it just feels like home.

Q. How far is the Airbnb from here?
HALEY MOORE: It's about 15, 20 minutes. It's in Eastlake, and we don't even have to get on the freeway, so it's really cool.

Q. Do you think it helps your mindset being not at home, at least it feels more like just another tournament?
HALEY MOORE: A little bit, yeah. Just because I've traveled a lot for most of my tournaments, so I'm used to staying in a hotel more often than staying at home, so I felt just staying somewhere else than at home helps me a lot, too.

Q. What about family and friends out here? Is it a little bit of a home advantage, right?
HALEY MOORE: Yeah, all the family and friends here today were very supportive, and I can't thank them enough for that. They were just out there cheering me on, and I hope they can come out in the next couple days and even more, too.

Q. Who all is out here today? Is that your grandfather there?
HALEY MOORE: No, that was a member who took me out. And then I had a couple members from my country club come out, and then Craig Davis here, he was an alumni at U of A and he's like an eight-time club champion here. We're really good friends with him, and Jenny Cole, my high school coach, she saw me on the last hole. But they're all just following me around, and I love them. Thank you, guys.

Q. Have you guys ever stayed in an Airbnb before in San Diego?
HALEY MOORE: No, not really, but this house we're saying at is really nice. It's kind of cute actually. It's a big house, but I like it. I'll be comfortable there.

Q. Your brother, what's going on between the two of you with the two tournaments? You've got a little bet going on, got some -- how's all that going?
HALEY MOORE: We're doing good. We're just very close to each other. I'm just hoping that -- unfortunately after this week, I've got to start packing up for school, so hopefully I can make it down there a couple of days to watch him. If not, he knows about that I'll be cheering and watching, but I'm just so proud of him for even qualifying.

Q. Who's caddying for you this week?
HALEY MOORE: His name is Robert Casher. We've been really good friends for a while. I really looked forward to him caddying for me.

Q. Have you guys made any kind of bets as far as who's going to finish better? What's the bet? You're smiling, there's got to be something?
HALEY MOORE: We haven't made a bet yet. I don't know if we will.

Q. I think it might be a little late for that.
HALEY MOORE: Yeah, it might be a little late. But even if we do bet or don't bet about how we do, we're just still proud of each other.

Q. Talk about having the whole family here and your brother and everybody out here supporting you.
HALEY MOORE: It's really cool to have family and friends out here supporting me because it's probably the first time in a while that they get to see me because I'm in college now, so they don't really travel a lot. To see them out here is very special, and they're cheering me on whether I play good or play bad.

Q. I was asking your brother, would he give you any tips, do you want tips from him, or if he's playing and you're watching, how does that work?
HALEY MOORE: We'll give each other some tips. We kind of just like play our own games, but when he'll be playing the Am next week, he definitely saw me today, he'll definitely look like what it takes to stay steady during a round and what it takes to make a cut in these tournaments.

Q. The fact that this is in your backyard, how fun is this to be able to play so close to home?
HALEY MOORE: It's so fun. Even though I'm not saying at home, it just feels cool just seeing a bunch of girls I know here and basically playing, of course, in San Diego that I'm used to. I'm used to the grass, used to the greens. It's just really fun, and I'm just going to enjoy this experience while it lasts.

Q. What do you think the key is for this course?
HALEY MOORE: The key to this course is putting your ball in the right place on these greens because there's some holes where if you go above the hole, it's like dead almost. You'll go off the green. These greens weren't too fast today, but this whole week they're going to get quicker and quicker, so I think just placing the ball on the greens is important and on some holes keeping the ball in the fairway because with this rough your ball can jump and it can go far.

Q. The fact that your brother is playing in LA next week, you're playing here, how cool is this for the family to have all of this going on?
HALEY MOORE: It's pretty cool, just because we're going to be seeing each other a lot and I'll get to watch my brother hopefully one more time before I get to go to college, and he's really excited for it. Then I can see my family one more time and friends, and we're just going to soak these two weeks in together before we part ways.

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