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August 7, 2017

Kristen Gillman

San Diego, California

Q. Talk to me about your round a little bit today.
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Today my round was pretty steady. I just had -- I bogeyed the last hole, but other than that, I had no bogeys, and I had three birdies on the front nine, and then I was playing pretty steady, made par the first five holes on the back nine, and then I birdied 6, and then I eagled 8, so that really helped me.

Q. Talk to us about that eagle.
KRISTEN GILLMAN: I hit a pretty good drive. I was trying to be aggressive, and it didn't work out, and I was just going to lay up. So I hit a good drive, and then I had 205 in, and then I hit that to about 15 feet right of the pin and then made that putt.

Q. And so the Women's Am is a pretty special championship to you. Talk to us a little bit about that, what it means to be playing in another Women's Am.
KRISTEN GILLMAN: It means so much to be playing in a Women's Am because it has the best competition here, and I feel like it's the biggest amateur tournament, so it means a lot to be able to compete here, and I enjoy it every single year.

Q. Is it weird seeing your picture, the signage coming in and your name on the billboards? Does that give you more nerves or make you more excited and proud?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: It makes me more excited and proud seeing my picture because it's weird because it's huge. I think it's like 12 feet tall or something like that, so it's weird seeing that big of a picture. But it brings back good memories, so I like seeing it.

Q. You've played this course before?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: I've never been here before.

Q. The finishing holes here, both 18 and 9, they're both tough, right?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, they're both really challenging. They're really demanding on the tee shots and the second shots, so they're both tough finishing holes.

Q. Which one is harder do you think?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: I think it depends on where the pin is which one is harder.

Q. They're both -- the front nine in particular is really tricky as far as where the pin is, right?

Q. Tough to be above the hole?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, you cannot be above these pins, that's for sure.

Q. Any other long birdies for you?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: I mean, I made a lot of 10-, 12-foot birdie putts today, so that was pretty nice.

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