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August 7, 2017

Bailey Tardy

San Diego, California

Q. Bailey Tardy, take us through your round. Pretty uneventful front nine where you played even, and then 4-under coming in, including an eagle on the 14th hole. Take us through that stretch and what happened with the eagle on 14.
BAILEY TARDY: Yeah, I birdied 13, drained probably about a 30-foot putt. Pretty good read, so it was kind of nice to roll a long one in there, and then 14 I had about 223 yards into the green in two at a par-5 and hit a nice little hybrid in there, and it rolled to about five feet, so it's kind of a little knock-in eagle, which you don't really see very often. 15, I hit a nice little approach shot to about three feet and knocked that in, so it was pretty nice to be 4-under on three holes.

Q. You're a veteran of USGA championships now. 18 holes through this, how does this stack up with what you've played before? Is it what you're used to?
BAILEY TARDY: You know, you always just want to come out here and play two good rounds to get into match play, and that's really what my goal was these two days is not to have much pressure going into the second day, and I think I put myself in a pretty good position for that. I think you still need to play pretty well tomorrow to make the cut, but I think I'm in the position I would like to be in.

Q. Overall, just give us your first impressions of this golf course specifically, what you like about it.
BAILEY TARDY: It's beautiful. It's in such good shape right now, and the greens are pretty quick, slopey, fast. Downhill they're really, really quick, and it's all about positioning on the greens and where you put yourself. But other than that, it's a great golf course. It sets up for really long -- not really long, but longer hitters, and you just have to have a really good short game to get around out here.

Q. It's going to be a special week for you. You're turning 21 tomorrow. What do you do? You have to focus on the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship. How do you stay focused and kind of delay the celebration if you will?
BAILEY TARDY: Well, this isn't the first year that my birthday has fallen on this tournament, so I'm just going to act like it's a normal day tomorrow. I guess I'll be happy regardless because it's my 21st birthday, so just kind of remember that if I'm playing bad, like hey, it's my birthday.

I don't know, it would be fun to celebrate with my friends, but I'll be back in college soon, so I can celebrate then.

Q. Your mom is out carrying your bag for you; what's the best part about having your mom on your bag?
BAILEY TARDY: She knows absolutely nothing, and I think we were talking about that in the fairway today. She's so clueless on what she's doing, which always kind of lightens the mood out there. I almost teed off on the wrong tee box, and she had no idea that it was even the wrong place. It's just fun. We can joke about that now. I'm glad it didn't happen, but she's just fun to have out there. It lightens the mood.

Q. Obviously we're here in San Diego. The weather is perfect. Are you going to be able to fit in any time at the beach while you're here?
BAILEY TARDY: You know, I haven't gone yet. I think we were a little jet lagged the first day after my early-morning practice round. Ended up going to sleep I think at like 7:00. We haven't gone to the beach. But I think we're going to go see the seals and sit on the beach because I like seals.

Q. What's your favorite thing about Southern California that you've been here enough times through your golf travels? What do you like most about it out here?
BAILEY TARDY: The weather by far. Specifically this golf course, just the people here are so nice, and I've made a lot of connections with a couple guys in the pro shop, and it's always just fun coming back there and seeing them.

Q. San Diego is known for its Mexican cuisine. What's your preference, tack owe or burrito?

Q. Who's your favorite golfer?
BAILEY TARDY: Probably Jordan Spieth right now.

Q. People who don't know you, you go to Georgia, you're a big Georgia fan, you're from Georgia. Have you ever met Uga the bulldog?
BAILEY TARDY: No, I haven't. I've seen him, but I've never had a chance to meet him, which I really wish I could, so if there's anyone out there, let me meet him.

Q. What do you miss most? You travel a lot for golf. What do you miss most about Georgia when you're on the road?
BAILEY TARDY: Like the University or my home?

Q. Both, the state.
BAILEY TARDY: I definitely miss my dogs. I adopted one, so he's my little nugget, and I love him. But really from Georgia, I really miss my teammates and my friends. My teammates are like my family, and this is the first time I've seen Cheyenne all summer. She's like my sister that I've never had, and same with Rinko, so it's really fun to see them at tournaments, but it's going to be fun to go back and really be with them again.

Q. Would you rather win the US Women's Amateur championship or Georgia win the national championship in football?
BAILEY TARDY: Oh, my gosh, that's awful. I think I'd rather win this tournament because I feel like we don't have many football fans right now. But we're on the upcoming rise, I promise. We're going to do well this year. I have faith in us. I really do.

Q. Would you rather play an entire round wearing a University of Florida football jersey or play without a putter?
BAILEY TARDY: Play without a putter. Never Florida. Gross. Uh-uh. No way.

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