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August 7, 2017

Meghan Stasi

San Diego, California

Q. Can you just talk to me about your round here today?
MEGHAN STASI: I don't know, I was going great for the first nine, and then I hit a pretty bad shot teeing off on 9 and didn't recover from that and ended the front nine even. Then got it back the next hole, birdied the first hole, so got back to even, and just kind of hung in there and just decided to bogey the last hole. A couple bogeys coming in, but the wind picked up a little bit, and just didn't hit a lot of really good shots off the tee, so if you were stuck in the rough, it was tough.

Q. Is this your first time here at San Diego Country Club?
MEGHAN STASI: Yes, and it's absolutely beautiful.

Q. This is your 12th Women's Am.

Q. What's your perspective coming into the Women's Am?
MEGHAN STASI: For me, I obviously want to play well. I know the scores are going to be low out there. The course is right in front of you. The greens are its defense, so you've got to make some birdies. I know there was a lot of low scores in the morning, so like I said, I would have liked to have had a few more, a little lower, but just try to play good golf like I do everywhere I go.

Q. Talk to me about qualifying to get here, too.
MEGHAN STASI: It's not easy.

Q. It's impressive, there's only four mid-ams in the field.
MEGHAN STASI: Yeah, two are exempt.

Q. It's a big deal to have you here.
MEGHAN STASI: Yeah, I qualified last year at the Women's Amateur qualifying at Kansas City, so I went out there last year, had a great time. Tough golf course, so for me -- they pick the tough ones, so I try to pick from there and try not to pick where all the junior-juniors are going. Hopefully they're in a big tournament somewhere. It's just like the Open and every other qualifier. You just try and do what's best for you.

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