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December 8, 1994

Pete Sampras


Q. Better than day one?

PETE SAMPRAS: Absolutely. I played much better. Only thing I really didn't do that much today was serve, but I felt much more comfortable on the court. I was hitting the ball a lot cleaner, and so it just -- a completely different player. I felt on Tuesday I just wasn't quite there, and today I was there. And you really have to be, against Michael, because like I said before, he doesn't give any free points away. You have to work for every point, and I had to raise my level an extra notch compared to Tuesday, and so I am pretty pleased with that.

Q. Will you need to serve a little better against Goran?

PETE SAMPRAS: Absolutely. I didn't serve at all today. I felt my second serve was more effective than my first, and playing against Goran, I don't want to be hitting a lot of second serves because he is serving so big on this court, he would be very tough to break. So he will go for a lot of winners on my returns. I don't want to be making a lot of second serves. That could be the difference. So I need to work on that a little bit tomorrow; get the serve in a little bit more. Maybe take a little bit off of it just to get it in, and because it is very tough to return and pass on this court, so I hope to do that on Saturday.

Q. Did you see the first match today?

PETE SAMPRAS: Fortunately, I didn't.

Q. What do you mean "fortunately"?

PETE SAMPRAS: I heard Goran played unbelievable, and so, I didn't see it.

Q. You would be scared if you saw it?

PETE SAMPRAS: Well, whenever I play Goran, I always got my steel cup on because he serves so big. So I need protection.

Q. So what is your view of Saturday's match?

PETE SAMPRAS: Very straightforward match. Obviously, I know what is coming. He knows what is coming. The court is playing so quick, it could come down to a couple of points here and there. The main thing for me is to return his serve and make him play as much as possible and -- but the way he has been serving on this court, it is very tough to return, but he is obviously very confident, playing a good match today and so it should be a good match. We both play the same games, so there won't be a lot of long points, but I am looking forward to it and I am sure he is too.

Q. He has been asked, you know, earlier who he would like to play Saturday. He said Pete Sampras because I have a lot to, you know, to give him back for the season. He is obviously very hot about playing you Saturday.

PETE SAMPRAS: I will be ready. I am feeling pretty good and healthy. I have beaten him the last couple of times, so I am sure he is going to want to get back at me, so, you know, we will have to play out on the court and see who wins.

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