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August 6, 2017

Chris Stroud

Reno, Nevada

Q. Chris, excellent round, obviously. Great finish. Just comment on your day?
CHRIS STROUD: You know, I have been playing well, hitting the ball very nicely for a long time. I just have not been making many putts for months. And I've literally putted with a different putter every week, almost every day for two months. And it's not that I'm putting bad. I'm hitting good putts. I just haven't been holing many. And I went to a different putter this week and it just worked. And that's all it was.

Q. Which putter did you go to?
CHRIS STROUD: I went to an old putter that I used to do. It's a counter-balance, long putter. And it just really helps me release the putter. And when it does that, it keeps me very still. And the trouble I have with putting, with a shorter putter is I lean the shaft a little bit. So I end up pushing a lot of putts.

So it's nice to have, but at the end of the day I played beautifully. I had some really nice little bounces today that I hadn't been getting in the last few weeks and capitalized on them, made some good birdies. But it's definitely not over.

I'm going to go up there get some food and see what Greg and Robert Garrigus and -- all these guys are playing really well. You can make an eagle on 18 pretty easily if you hit the fairway. All you have to do is run it up off that front. So we'll see.

Q. Even if you don't win, big jump for you in the FedExCup standings?
CHRIS STROUD: Huge. For me, at the end of the day I struggled the last couple of years, not in the fact that I was playing so poorly. I just wasn't scoring well. And in the last -- this year was the first time 11, no, since 2008 that I lost my full status.

And to be honest it was a blessing this year. I played a lot less. My attitude was much better and I got to spend a lot more time with the family. And you know what? Hindsight I think I needed to look into that, play less, and try to stay sharp. We always talk about that.

Q. It's a fun format to make a big jump on the last day?
CHRIS STROUD: My dad sent me a text last night, he goes, hey, I don't want to get in your way, he said, but this is a good format for you. You've been making a lot of birdie. He said just go out and make as many as you can, see if you can make a couple of eagles. And sure enough I made two eagles on the weekend. So it was good.

Q. Take us through the last hole, that eagle?
CHRIS STROUD: You know, I really wasn't hitting the ball off the tee very great today. I hit it great all week, but on 18, you know, you need to turn over a driver there. A 3-wood into the wind today, I needed to hit a driver. But if you leak it to the right you can get into those trees.

Tried to hit a draw, kind of fanned it out to the right. I didn't hit a great drive. But I get up, still in the fairway. And it's a perfect 5-wood coming in.

Yesterday we looked at that pin and my caddy, Casey (phonetic), said look how firm it is in front of this green. We can run it up. Had a 5-wood in play and honestly I have not hit one good 5-wood this week on the range, on the golf course.

And I get up there and I'm like, well, I'm just going to put this thing back in my stance a little bit because I gotta chase it anyway, and I hit the best 5-wood I could possibly hit.

We thought I made it. When I hit it -- as soon as it the bounced and started coming down, I thought it was going in the hole. I am very thankful to have that opportunity and to make a great putt at the end. And just to be in this position after a long, long cold spell it's been very nice.

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