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August 6, 2017

Robert Garrigus

Reno, Nevada

Q. I know not the finish you wanted on the last, but still another good week for you, three in a row now.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah. It's the first time in my career I've ever done it. 18, I figured I got such a good break on 17 to keep it out of the water and saved me five points, made birdie, I'm like, you know what, maybe it's destiny that I hook this around the tree and make eagle.

But I just hit it a little high and the face came up, rose up, and hit the tree and ended up making bogey, but I was trying to win the golf tournament, and I'd rather do that being aggressive and laying up and not be. It was a lot of fun today.

Q. Looking at the big picture right now, just three weeks ago you were outside the top 125. Now you're probably going to be right inside the top 100. Just comment on what these three weeks have done for you.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: It really started seven weeks ago in Travelers. I missed the cut by a shot, but I felt my game was coming around. I made the cut at Quicken Loans and Greenbrier. Then John Deere, had a little setback there with disqualification.

That lit a fire under my butt and now I finished 10th and 5th, and whatever I finish here, I don't know. But I like my form going into the next month and a half. I'll probably take the next two weeks off, which I really, really needed two weeks off. So I'll be fresh and ready to go for the playoffs.

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