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August 6, 2017

Stuart Appleby

Reno, Nevada

Q. Nine points today. Just a few short. But just comment on the final round.
STUART APPLEBY: I was trying to think, trying to make eight birdies today. I didn't know how many bogeys I could put in there as well. But I thought if I just have eight, hopefully that's clean enough golf.

It's a dynamic format. You never quite know where you are, quite as simple one shot can go either way. It's interesting because you can come from behind or you can build a big lead.

For me, I had to squeeze a few more birdies on the back nine. I was just trying to deal with being in position, just trying to keep my nerves in check. And I hit some sloppy shots, but it was good. I would have liked to have milked a birdie on the last hole.

I made a poor choice on my chipping/landing spot. I think I needed to either putt it from five, six yards short or just land it in the fringe and get it to stub.

I sort of new it was quick to chip, but it was way too quick. And I actually thought I hit a decent putt, turned out not to be the case.

And Greg actually said he was happy to see my ball roll the way it did because it gave him a bit more impetus to give it more break. Looked good for me. I've hardly made any FedEx points this year. So to pick up what I've picked up was a hundred fold from where I've been.

Q. And off to Wyndham now?
STUART APPLEBY: Yes, Wyndham. Wyndham, I need, look -- my goal is to lock myself in at the end of Wyndham inside of 200 so I can get into the Web playoffs. That's where I was last year, unfortunately.

But it's been a tough year. And I haven't managed to get my head around playing well for four days. I really even barely have my body going well to play for four days.

Been frustrating. Hopefully this is something to run me in, for the next few, where I feel like I'm hitting and putting good. I just have to understand that I have a lot of experience in these situations and I need to use it. Good experience versus so much of the stuff I've had recently and go on.

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