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August 6, 2017

Greg Owen

Reno, Nevada

Q. Disappointing finish, I know. Can we just get some comments?
GREG OWEN: Tired. Tired. Back's a little sore. A lot of walking this week. In and out. Didn't have a lot of flexibility on that hanging lie, but no excuses. Didn't get a break in the bunker either. Hit a great putt to force the playoff.

Disappointed. This time of my career you don't get many more chances, so disappointed. But I've got vacation with the kids next week.

Q. And then after that do you go to Wyndham?
GREG OWEN: I have no idea. I don't know if I get in it or whatever. I don't know what I'll do with FedExCup points. I've got no idea. I don't really care. We'll see what takes on. I'm going to enjoy my vacation and take it from there.

Q. After such a great week all week. Until today looked a little rough today. What's going on?
GREG OWEN: It's hard. I mean, you got top-quality players playing on a course with wind switching. The flags are in tricky positions. It's very difficult to read the greens. It's difficult.

I had a couple of shots where -- 15 was a prime example. I'm coming up there, and it's straight in our face. And when I go to hit it it goes down off the left and all of a sudden I've left myself with no putt. I 3-putt that and that's the big difference. Just a wind switch. I did my best. I played -- I can hold my head up but still disappointing.

Q. Those weather delays had to be kind of frustrating, too --
GREG OWEN: It's annoying because you don't see anything. That's the problem. Obviously it's there otherwise they wouldn't blow it. It's a safety issue. But it's frustrating because there's just no rhythm. I'm not making executions you know. We're all here to do a job, but it just wasn't easy.

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