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August 6, 2017

Sophie Lamb

Fife, Scotland

Q. Top amateur. Can you put it into words?
SOPHIE LAMB: Not really. It's all been crazy. I had to qualify on Monday, so since then it's just been crazy. Speechless.

Q. It's been a great week, like you say, you had to come through the qualifying and finally get your place, and it was a long qualifying, as well. How has the whole experience been for you?
SOPHIE LAMB: It's been great. I mean, I had so many of my family here and friends came up, so it made me feel a lot more relaxed. I had my boyfriend on the bag caddying, so that really helped me.

Q. How does that dynamic work?
SOPHIE LAMB: Yeah, it's good. He's a great golfer himself, so he can definitely -- especially on the greens, he's an amazing putter. So that really helped me.

Q. What does it do, at the stage of your career that you're at, to be part of this championship, a major, up against the best players in the world?
SOPHIE LAMB: I think it's something everyone dreams of when they first start to play golf. It's been a great experience for me to see where my game compares to the best in the world. It's been good.

Q. Now the usual questions tend to come after winning the top amateur at a major: Professional; where are you in that sort of state at the moment?
SOPHIE LAMB: My goal is for Curtis Cup next year hopefully. That's something I want to achieve before I turn professional and possibly Q-School end of next year. But I'm not sure. That's definitely. But definitely Curtis Cup is something I want to do.

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