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August 5, 2017

Sam Saunders

Reno, Nevada

Q. Pretty good day out there. What did you feel was working well for you out there today?
SAM SAUNDERS: Just got a couple putts to go in early, made that eagle on No. 8, which helps so much in this format. You kind of almost need to have one of those throughout the week. It just kind of gives you a boost to keep going. Made a couple nice putts on the back nine and didn't make any bogeys and give any away on the back, which was nice.

Q. What's the outlook for tomorrow?
SAM SAUNDERS: You know, just got to go put another pretty good low number up there again, or high number, I guess you say this week. Need to have a bunch over par. You know, going to stay aggressive and just keep trying to hit fairways and greens and try and make some putts.

Q. What is it you like about this course?
SAM SAUNDERS: This is a really fun golf course. The rough is tough here, but if you drive the ball well, you can make it through a whole week here without seeing much of it, because the fairways are generous if you shape the ball the right way, so you really have to pick the right targets off the tee and hit good quality shots, and if you do that, the fairways can play quite wide, and you need to be out of the fairway coming into these greens because they can get a little bouncy and you want to put it on the correct side of the hole to try to make some putts out here, and I've done that pretty well most of the week.

Q. Is this one of the easier courses to drive on TOUR?
SAM SAUNDERS: No, not necessarily. Some holes play wider than they look just because you're hitting kind of back into the mountain, so you can use the hill to stop it a little bit. But we certainly play courses with wider fairways. Maybe this one just fits my eye. But I've driven it pretty well all year, and certainly going pretty decent so far again this week.

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