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August 5, 2017

Ricky Barnes

Reno, Nevada

Q. Good day for you out there and nice finish there on the last hole, as well. Just get some comments on your round.
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, I was playing nice, pretty steady, and then made a good par putt on No. 9, and that seemed to jump kick everything. I hit a lot of good shots on the back nine. Made the long putt on 9 but then got birdies at 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 18. You know, you'd like to do that a little earlier in the round and get some momentum, but I kind of did that yesterday late on the front nine yesterday, so kind of -- if I can put both of the nines together that I did Friday late and Saturday late, we could be here --

Q. What did you do on the front?
RICKY BARNES: Two early birdies on the front and then just kind of some sloppy bogeys, never really that far out of position, just a little sloppy, and it is what it is. Fortunately in this format, you can shake off bogeys pretty quick if you're making birdies. I even made a sloppy birdie on 17 but came in, hit two great shots on 18, and like I said, you can erase a bogey out here real quick with a couple birdies in a row because two birdies and a bogey is three points and not 1-under.

Q. Seven birdies in the last nine holes?
RICKY BARNES: Yeah. Mainly because of the last, like I said, 11, 12 holes because I drove it -- I didn't drive it great on the front, which I've been driving it great all week, and then the last 10 holes I drove it great.

Q. Mindset going into tomorrow?
RICKY BARNES: I mean, you can see what's going to be leading, 35 points. You've got to do the math. You've got to get to -- you're going to have to get well into the 40s tomorrow. I mean, if I do what I did today and eliminate some bogeys, then I like my chances.

Q. You've been hot all week. Sort of a nice walk out there today, a little bit less humidity?
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, it was different because this course usually if it starts off soft on Wednesday, and I mean, we're getting little sprinkles now, but if we don't get rain, this course really firms out. We still haven't got that firm, so you're able to hold on the greens. Usually you're playing the ball to bounce six to eight yards on the greens with 9- and 8-irons. It's still soft enough where you can go at a lot of these pins, so if you're driving it well, getting it down there, you can kind of take dead aim with a lot of wedges through 8-irons out here.

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