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August 5, 2017

Georgia Hall

Fife, Scotland

Q. How would you describe today?
GEORGIA HALL: I wasn't nervous at all today, which I was a bit surprised. I thought I would be, especially going out late this morning. I hit it better than yesterday. I just made a few silly mistakes with putting but I was happy to get an eagle and you never know. Something might happen tomorrow. Hope to get off to a good start.

Q. What did you learn from today that you will take into tomorrow?
GEORGIA HALL: I think to be patient because I was like 2-under after 11 or something and then I got three birdies in a row and I was kind of closing in on her a bit. But she putted amazing. I think shot 6-under, which, incredible out there. I'm a bit disappointed about my finish but hopefully I can shoot a really good one tomorrow.

Q. What kind of an experience is it to play alongside someone playing with someone setting up a six-shot lead for herself?
GEORGIA HALL: I can't believe, she's kept holing putt after putt, and I thought, when is this going to stop, but she just carried on. All credit to her. Hopefully I'll have some more putts drop tomorrow.

Q. Quite a mixed bag today, how do you reflect on the round as a whole?
GEORGIA HALL: I played a lot of good golf. I hit the ball really well. I made a silly mistake on 17 but apart from that hole, I actually made solid. So I'm happy; disappointed about my finish but that's golf.

Q. You're in the final pairing today. How mentally different is that going out on a Saturday as one of the final group?
GEORGIA HALL: I don't think I've teed off that late in about six years. I had a very long morning. But no, it was great. She was holding putts from everywhere, which was lovely to watch. I wish I holed a few more but hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

Q. How did the pace of play feel to you? Obviously we've had the weather to contend with but it wasn't the quickest round in the world?
GEORGIA HALL: We got a few warnings and got put on the clock, which I don't normally get put on the clock. It's kind of running between some shots which wasn't ideal. With the rain it kept stopping and starting, umbrella up and down, frustrating --

Q. How does the rain change things?
GEORGIA HALL: I think I feel a little bit rushed with some shots, which kind of did help me a little bit on putting. I just kind of saw the line and hit it. But then 17, I think put a bit more time into it.

Q. You're in one of the final groups tomorrow. How much are you looking forward to getting back out there and doing it all again and maybe doing something special?
GEORGIA HALL: I think I needed the putt on the last to be in the final group which just sat on the edge. I don't think I will be. But definitely if you're in the final groups it's a massive thing and hopefully I can play well tomorrow to be up there.

Q. With this big spell of golf coming up, is it more difficult when you're within touching distance of the leader?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, tomorrow is kind of, you've just got to have a really good start. It's 18 holes now. Today I took it a bit more steady because it was two rounds, but tomorrow I'm going to go for a bit more I think and she's got a six-shot lead, which is quite a lot. But if I can get quite a lot of birdies, I think I can place.

Q. How do you reflect on today's round?
GEORGIA HALL: I haven't made many mistakes the past couple days, but today, I made a couple towards the end. I played really good golf. Hit some really great shots in there. Got a good eagle. I just had a lapse of concentration on 17 but that's the way it is.

Q. Wasn't just a good eagle, was it. You drove the green, what, 311 yards, you drove it, rolled in an 11-foot putt, that was brilliant.
GEORGIA HALL: I was debating with whether to go for it but my carry was quite long. I thought if I could put a bit of draw on it and hit it hard, see where it goes -- I didn't see where it was until I got near the green. It was a nice surprise.

Q. How did you enjoy being the final pairing on a championship weekend day?
GEORGIA HALL: It's always great. It shows you that you've played well. You know, she played amazing golf. Holed loads of putts. It's a nice crowd, as well. I didn't feel nervous which I thought I would have, but I didn't think I would be tomorrow, either, so just go out and try to play my best.

Q. Does it take stress off you, you're not in the final pairing tomorrow, so you're not playing with the leader of the championship and that's one thing less to worry about?
GEORGIA HALL: I think so. I think I'm in a way happy that I'm not, so I think I'm still tied second. I think I can maybe go for a few more things and she won't be seeing what I'm doing. You know, we'll see. We'll see how it goes.

Q. Can you still find your pot of gold this weekend?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I definitely think so. Six shots is quite a lot but on this course, you can make a lot of birdies. I think I'm going to have to go quite low tomorrow but it's definitely scorable.

Q. Mel Reid said 63, that's her target, course record. Do you think a 63 from you would win this championship?
GEORGIA HALL: What's that, 9-under? Yeah, I think it would be close. Yeah, I agree.

I couldn't see the green. I couldn't see the right half but the pin was right on the left, and I thought it was 60 yards wide or something and I thought I hit it all right but I think it hit a slope and then kind of went further right. So I had like a 50 -foot putt or something massively right-to-left. I hit quite a good first one to about six-foot. But I had to aim about two foot right of the hole for this to go in and I hit it too hard and then I left it with three-foot down left-to-right which is any right-hander's nightmare.

I had a birdie putt at the last and I hit a good putt there. I didn't put too bad today. Just 17.

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