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August 4, 2017

Richy Werenski

Reno, Nevada

Q. Richy, congratulations on an excellent round and very exciting finish there. If we can just get some comments on the eagle on the last hole.
RICHY WERENSKI: Yeah, the finish was good. I've been telling myself, everybody knows eagles are huge out here this week, and yesterday I struggled on the par-5s off the tee box, and I told my caddie, I said, we've got one goal today and the rest of the week: Hit every fairway on the par-5s, try to give ourselves a chance. Hit 18, hit a good 6-iron in there and made a good putt. Putted really well today, so I'm happy.

Q. You had one stretch a little while ago with five missed cuts, but you really found something over the last three or four starts. Anything in particular?
RICHY WERENSKI: You know, kind of just sticking to what I was doing. I didn't feel like I was far off, but I was just missing the cut by one or two, and out here it's just -- this is my first year out here, so it's tough to kind of get used to it out here. There's things you've got to learn. But I'm starting to feel more comfortable, and I think that's helping. Just having a little bit more confidence.

Q. Have you ever led a tournament after one round?
RICHY WERENSKI: No, not on the PGA TOUR. I have on Web I'm pretty sure.

Q. Where are you from?
RICHY WERENSKI: Originally from Massachusetts, but I live in Florida now, Jupiter.

Q. What are your thoughts heading into tomorrow with the lead?
RICHY WERENSKI: I mean, obviously it's only Friday. I'm just going to take confidence away from this. I know I'm playing good. Game feels solid, and honestly I feel like it can be a lot better. I putted really good today, but if I can strike it just a little better this weekend, I think I've got no problem.

Q. What did you do over the weather delay?
RICHY WERENSKI: I just sat in the locker room and hung out. There's not much you can do. But good thing it wasn't too long. I don't even know if it was an hour. So it was easy.

Q. Good scoring conditions? We don't see much of the course from here.
RICHY WERENSKI: You know, before the rain delay, it was pretty good. It wasn't too windy, I mean, perfect weather. After the rain delay, we came out, and it got definitely a little bit breezier, a little windy, so there was a little bit more thinking, but it actually kind of worked out well, like the first par-5 on the back was actually into the wind, so made it a little bit easier to hold the green, get it next to that pin. I thought it was pretty good conditions.

Q. Have you ever been to this area before?
RICHY WERENSKI: I've been to Vegas, and I think that's the only place in Nevada I've been to.

Q. Recap your season for us and your goals here with just a couple weeks left.
RICHY WERENSKI: You know, season obviously hasn't been what I wanted it to be so far, but obviously we're at the end, and I pretty much told myself, I know I'm playing good, so if I have to go back to the finals, I feel like I'm going to have no problem at the finals. Kind of just going out and giving it everything I've got, trying to do -- I feel like I'm playing good, so I'm just trying to capitalize on that while I still can.

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