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August 4, 2017

Luke List

Reno, Nevada

Q. Luke, you started off yesterday, you lost three points in the first nine holes. Now you've gained 26 points in your last 27. Just talk a little bit about the stretch that you're on right now.
LUKE LIST: Yeah, you know, I chose to play this event because I like the area, and it's always fun trying to make a lot of birdies and some eagles. I got off to a really bad start, and I kind of told my caddie, let's play aggressive from here on out, and whatever happens happens. Now I'm in a really nice position. I feel like it's a spot where I can kind of gear up for the Playoffs, so I just kind of winged it for the rest of the 27 holes there, and I was fortunate to make some birdies.

Q. Talk a little bit about this event and your goals going into the weekend now that you're right up there near the lead.
LUKE LIST: Yeah, I'm excited. I'm going to try to play aggressive the whole way through, hit a lot of drivers where a lot of guys are hitting irons, and I'm just going to try to take advantage of my length on a few holes, and for me it's tough doing some of the numbers with the math and everything with the elevation, but just trying to do the best I can with that, stay patient, and just try to be aggressive on the weekend.

Q. Just two weeks left in the regular season. Comment a little bit about your goals as the Playoffs are approaching.
LUKE LIST: Yeah, I'm excited for the PGA next week. That will be my first PGA, so that'll be fun. So I feel like my game tends to turn the right way after two, three weeks of playing, so I played last week and was not bad in Canada, but shaking off a little rust, and then feel like it's been a little sharper this week, so hopefully play this weekend and gear up for next week.

Q. You've got to feel pretty good about the way you played the first two days. You're in contention heading into the weekend.
LUKE LIST: Yeah, it's a long way to go. There will be someone posting probably close to 30 under in my opinion, plus 30 -- not 30 under but plus 30. So I'll be a few shots back or whatever, but I'm just going to try to stay aggressive going into the weekend.

Q. I like the way you closed out 18 there, giving yourself another couple points heading into the weekend.
LUKE LIST: Yeah, I had a few eagle putts at least. The par-5s, hopefully I can take advantage of on the weekend. I'd love to make a few of those plus 5 eagle points, so definitely. But when you can tap in for birdie, that's nice and easy.

Q. You're in a pretty great spot heading into the weekend. What's kind of your game plan going forward?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, stay aggressive. I got off to a really bad start on that front nine, and I think that I kind of flipped my mentality a little bit, started hitting a lot more drivers and just tried to take advantage of my length in certain spots, so I'm just going to try to keep that up on the weekend. I've got nothing to lose.

Q. How much do you enjoy playing this modified Stableford?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, the system is fun. It really is. It's once a year we get to do it. I haven't had a whole lot of luck in this tournament or this course, but I feel like my game is better than it has been before, so I'm kind of trying to roll with that.

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