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August 4, 2017

Lizette Salas

Fife, Scotland

Q. Solid two days.
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, just keeping it simple and just I think our -- Jason's goal this week is just to get me on the green. It's an important week and you know, every shot counts. Been hitting it really, I guess, on target, and haven't missed much except the one on 17 today.

So feeling pretty good. Just kind of turn it up a little bit more for the weekend.

Q. Solheim pressure builds to make the team, and you seem to have handled that really well, got yourself within the qualifying a couple weeks ago. How have you approached this?
LIZETTE SALAS: I just say to myself: You've been on the team twice, there's no reason why you shouldn't be on the team again. I've been playing really solid this year, and I've been controlling my shots and knowing what I can and cannot do.

You know, I've been playing decent, better at majors, than what I thought I could. So I think I've gotten to this level and I think I have a really good shot to be on the team.

Q. How much of does the taste you got of those two Solheim Cups drive you?
LIZETTE SALAS: 99 per cent of it is being on that team in Germany and bringing out that fire in me on Sunday, and just kind of remembering those moments and knowing that I could do it.

It's not just me. It's my team; it's my parents; it's my coaches; it's my caddies. We all are on the same page and I think from day one, that's been my goal is to have everyone with the same vision as me, and it's been working really well. Hopefully Pat, Nancy, Wendy and Juli can recognise that and give me a spot on that team.

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