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August 4, 2017

Georgia Hall

Fife, Scotland

COLIN CALLANDER: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We have Georgia Hall with us. Georgia had a 67 for a 9-under par total and currently sharing the lead.

Terrific round. You were able to get off to a tremendous start this morning.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I've never had four birdies in a row before. So I was very happy to be 4-under after five. I holed some great putts on the second and had pretty much a tap-in on the third and I holed a 20-footer on the fourth for birdie. And then the fifth hole, yeah, holed about an 8-footer. So I was hitting it quite close, which made things a bit easier.

COLIN CALLANDER: And overall, thoughts the way you're playing so far? You must be pleased.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I'm playing really well. I'm especially putting good. So that is certainly helping me at the moment. I hit most fairways today but I hit it in a pot bunker on 16 which gave me a bogey.

And then 9, I holed a 10-footer on 9, so I was happy to walk away with 65.

Q. Just walking with you today, it looks as though nothing ever troubled you, good shot or a bad. How do you feel or how would you describe your feelings as you went around?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I tried and play level-headed all the time, whether I get a birdie or a bogey. I'm just trying to get as many birdies as I can out there. The course is quite scorable today because it wasn't that windy. It's a bit tougher yesterday, so I tried to get off to a good start, which I did, and I managed to hole a couple of good putts on the back nine.

COLIN CALLANDER: Is the wind coming from a different direction today?

GEORGIA HALL: It was, which made things slightly harder. But I think yesterday's wind was a bit easier.

Q. Four in a row in any sort of golf before? Never?
GEORGIA HALL: I don't think I've ever had four in a row in a tournament, I don't think.

Q. Crazy golf?
GEORGIA HALL: I'm actually not very good at crazy golf. People that play with me, I'll probably lose. I don't think so.

Q. Talking about trying to stay on an even keel all the way, as a child, were you like that or did you fling clubs left, right and centre?
GEORGIA HALL: For golf? Yeah, I've been quite kind of the same, same feeling my whole -- since I started when I was seven, really. I think there's no point in getting angry because it's just going to make things worse.

I did hit a few bad tee shots, 8 and 9 were bad, but I managed to get away with a par on the par 5, eighth. But yeah, after that, I got a few good birdies, so it swings in roundabouts.

Q. Are you like that in life in general?
GEORGIA HALL: (Laughs) Yeah, I'll say -- yeah, similar. Similar. I try to be. But I stress a lot about things that -- on the golf course is where I like to be and I enjoy it the most.

Q. Can you tell us what you stress about?
GEORGIA HALL: Just like travelling. It's just like making sure I get here on time and make sure I'm on the tee ten minutes before and stuff like that. I like to be on time for everything. That's it. Like nothing big.

Q. Do you have any drills at all for when you manage to remain this cool? Do you do anything in particular? Do you read any books or any of the psychological stuff?
GEORGIA HALL: I think most importantly it's just knowing yourself and knowing the way you play golf, which I think I do quite a lot. I used to kind of have really bad holes as an amateur and that kind of used to mess my round up.

Now I'm much more consistent and I think things through a lot beforehand, and I battle a lot more than I did. Now I never give up, so that's quite important.

Q. Do you dabble in psychology at all? Do you read anybody?
GEORGIA HALL: To be honest, no, I don't really read. I just kind of use my experiences and try and learn from them for next time.

Q. Are you like Charley and do you see your future on the LPGA Tour and how do you think you're going to handle that?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I'm going to go to Tour School at the end of the year. I think that's definitely where you need to be.

I went to America for three weeks and played in two majors, so I definitely enjoy it over there. But I think I'll probably still live in England.

Q. Big adjustment, though, with friends here and family and all that.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, but I think they can always come over and watch. And I'll only go over there for three weeks, maximum. I love living in England, so I think I'll stay there.

But golf course-wise, I think it's just on the greens, it's a massive difference. You can't be aggressive. You've got to kind of just let it roll in.

Q. How are you spending your time in St. Andrews? Are you based in St. Andrews and what are you doing in the evening?
GEORGIA HALL: I'm staying in cottage in Kingsbarns like two minutes away, so that's really nice. I might just go walk around 18 and walk around the town and stuff like that. Just chill out, really. Early start for me, and I finished six and a half hours yesterday. I went early to bed. So I'm just going to kind of enjoy the afternoon, and I'm happy I played well.

Q. You've probably said this before, but you played with Gary Player the other week in the Pro-Am at Wentworth? Any particular pearls of wisdom he gave you?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I played in the Gary Player Invitational. I think it was my third or fourth time playing it. Yeah, I got lucky and managed to play with Gary for 18 holes, so that was great.

He said a few things. He said I should take a pad out with me and write down how many times I get up-and-down from a hundred yards. And he said if you're going to practise for three hours, you should practise short game for two hours. He talked about short game, and he said that you should never feel sorry for yourself and never give up.

So those two things were kind of big to me, you know, if he's going to say that, then I'm certainly not going to give up on the golf course if I have a bad hole.

Q. Can you imagine playing golf at 80?
GEORGIA HALL: I think I might retire before then (laughter).

Q. Can you just talk about what you think about the Solheim Cup?
GEORGIA HALL: What I think about it? It's been a massive thing for me since I started playing golf. You know, as soon as I heard Annika is the captain, I thought, well, there's no better captain than Annika, and I especially wanted to get on this team. I've been leading it for quite a while now, which sometimes isn't easy, but I managed to play well the second half of last year and so far this year.

So I'm really happy to be in the team, and it's come around so quickly but I'm just going to focus on next two days, and then I can look forward to the Solheim.

Q. What are your memories from when you were part of the Junior Solheim Cup team?
GEORGIA HALL: What are they?

Q. Yeah, when you went over to Colorado.
GEORGIA HALL: That was an amazing experience seeing that, and we got to meet the team, at adult team when we were there. It was great to be there and see them prepare for the Solheim Cup. And also, the Curtis Cup, as well, which is match play and I draw back from those experiences.

I love match play as it is. It's my favorite format, and now that I'm a professional, I don't get to play it at all anymore, which is a shape. But I'm looking forward to it. It should be great.

Q. What club did you use on 14, the par 3? You hit an amazing shot in there.
GEORGIA HALL: I hit 5-iron but I did have a 4-iron in my hand the whole time until kind of it was my turn to play. I don't know, I just kind of felt 5 -- so I hit a half-one of them and started it like ten yards left. It was a left-to-right wind. It was a great birdie. Just a tap-in, so that was good.

COLIN CALLANDER: Thank you very much. Good luck over the weekend.

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