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August 4, 2017

Lexi Thompson

Fife, Scotland

COLIN CALLANDER: We have Lexi Thompson with us who just scored 68 for a 9-under par total. Looking at the card, very much a game of two halves.

LEXI THOMPSON: That it was. But I actually hit it the same throughout both nines. I just left myself with 30, 40 feet on those two bogeys and 3-putted them. I hit great shots. Going in, they were going right at it, and then it got a bounce that went sideways and had 30 feet away. Didn't make the second putt. But I hit it great the whole day and just got on a roll there on the back.

COLIN CALLANDER: You just said the conditions were different than yesterday.

LEXI THOMPSON: Well, the wind kind of died down towards the end of the round, but it was cooler teeing off at 7.30. There's actually a good amount of wind this morning and a little different direction on a few of the holes that were straight across. It was a little bit more in today. But it wasn't raining, so I wasn't complaining.

COLIN CALLANDER: You must be pleased with the position you're in right now.

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I definitely am. You know, I'm just overall happy with the way I played the last few days, especially today the way I ball-striked it out there. And just the way I stayed in it after the first two bogeys and stayed patient and positive. My caddie, Kevin, helped me out a lot with that.

Q. Five in a row, what's your best birdie streak that you've ever had? Is five in a row pretty much it?
LEXI THOMPSON: I would say that's probably it. No others kind of come to mind when I think more than five in a row.

Once you get on that kind of streak, you really don't think about it. I was just hitting it pretty well there, so I was just aiming at pins and going for it and made a few good putts.

Q. Watching you, you seemed to be laughing and joking quite a lot. Is that just part and parcel of the relationship with Kevin now, as well?
LEXI THOMPSON: Kevin and I, honestly, we laugh the whole round. It helps playing well and staying relaxed but we're always joking around. I think that's what makes our relationship so great out here. He keeps me relaxed but at the same time he's out there doing my numbers, reading my putts with me, basically doing everything.

Q. Do you prefer the slower greens over here? Do they work in your favour?
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, I don't like them on the 30-, 40-footers. But yeah, I definitely do prefer them because I feel I can go after my putts a little bit more and not be afraid to hit them a little bit by.

But yeah, you can be more aggressive with the putts out here. They are not the quickest but still rolling pretty nicely.

Q. Was there a hole in particular where Kevin's local knowledge came into play and helped you make a decision?
LEXI THOMPSON: Today, basically every hole, honestly. His input going into the greens, he tells me where to land it and like where I need it to come down. He's been spot on every time, and it's helped me out so much. And he knows the greens like the back of his hand, as well. He's helped me out a lot out there.

Q. Do you think his influence will be a huge factor over the next two days, as much as giving you an edge on your rivals?
LEXI THOMPSON: Kevin, I think honestly just coming into the week and having the knowledge that he has on this golf course, he's taught me a lot.

Coming in, I didn't know lines or what to did on the greens, hitting shots into them and everything, and where was the best leave. He's told me basically everything. I've learned so much about the golf course along the way in the last few days. I'm sure it will help me out through the weekend as it has the last few days.

Q. Has he been showing you St. Andrews and talking to you about the history of the place?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, he's actually given me a few -- I guess there's a huge rock on, I believe it's like No. 11 that's kind of washed up and he gave me some history behind it. I'm like -- he's given me a few history facts and I'm like, oh, this is pretty cool. He hasn't taken me anywhere to go sight-seeing or anything, but he's given me a few fun facts about the course and courses around.

Q. Is he going to take you to St. Andrews and walk you through the graveyard and everything, or not?
LEXI THOMPSON: Probably not. I'm going to do that on my own. (Laughter).

Q. Just wondering whether you were aware of the performance of Steph Curry on the Web.com? Were you keeping track?
LEXI THOMPSON: I would say I was keeping track of my brothers more than him. But I did happen to look at the scores this morning and saw he shot a few over.

Yeah, it's pretty interesting to see him out there. I know he's a good player and everything. I've seen him on I guess Feherty or one of those shots, I don't really watch, but definitely more excitement and somebody to follow out there, a well-known figure.

Q. Is there a bit at all of how he sort of got the headlines a little bit and it's taking away from the action that's going on here at all?
LEXI THOMPSON: I thought there was plenty of hype about this event. I haven't really realised that he's been in headlines. I don't really follow news and all that.

But you know, I think the media has done great with making this well known that we're here and playing Kingsbarns, and you know, we're just here to play golf.

Q. The greens this week are slower than they normally are at Kingsbarns. Can you just talk a little bit more about the challenge that brings compared to the greens that you're used to normally?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, they are definitely a bit slower. Kevin, as well, said that they are slower than usual. They can't get them too fast out here just because of the big slopes that are on the greens and with the wind that is possible out here in links golf and everything. You can't get them too slick.

Like we usually play on 11, and if they were rolling 11 it would be very difficult to stop shots on to the greens, and the puts you would get up-and-down these ridges.

COLIN CALLANDER: Thank you very much. Good luck over the weekend.

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