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August 3, 2017

Georgia Hall

Fife, Scotland

Q. A very solid round today. How much did you enjoy it?
GEORGIA HALL: Oh, I loved it. I love links golf, and it was good to play well today. I played really steady. I hit every fairway, so that kind of made things a little bit easier for me.

Q. You had a great week, as well, last week at Dundonald. How much has that helped building up to this one?
GEORGIA HALL: I think it's a massive confidence boost. I've played really well, especially the back nine on the last round at Dundonald. I love that golf course, and this is the first time I've actually been here, so I love the golf course. I love the setup, and the weather just stayed okay today, so it was good.

Q. I believe you also had a few tips from Gary Player in the lead-up to this. What did he say?
GEORGIA HALL: He said you should never feel sorry for yourself and never give up. A few times you kind of get a bit low, but I kind of never gave up. I kept on trying, and with my putting, he said always keep your head down. I'm getting a bit lower on the golf balls, so it's working. It's good.

Q. You had a good week last week, you could have a very big finish here this week and potentially the Solheim Cup to come. How do you remove yourself from the big picture to focus on what's happening?
GEORGIA HALL: It's hard because the Solheim Cup is massive. It's a dream for me, and it's only two weeks away, so I kind of have to blank that out of my head at the moment and focus on the British Open. I've had a good first round, so hopefully I can continue that.

Q. Bogey-free, 4 under par, within four of Michelle Wie's course record. What a great day of golf.
GEORGIA HALL: I know. I saw Michelle up there. I think on the eighth, ninth holy saw 8 under, and I thought, that's a great score. If I can get anywhere near that, I'd be really happy. Had a good front nine, 4 under, and maybe should have got a couple on the back, but I'm not too disappointed. I'm happy.

Q. Are you being a business harsh on yourself because you had to play through the conditions whereas Michelle went out in sunshine and --
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it started pouring down twice and then we had to go in twice, which kind of half hour both times. Yeah, that wasn't easy. Had to pitch on 17 after the delay. I managed to hit a good one there. But yeah, my first round has put me in a good position.

Q. Your confidence must be sky high this year. You've been playing on the LPGA, you're the leading points earner on the Solheim Cup on the LET. You're grinning as I tell you these things. It's a big year for you. Do you feel you're ready for that next step, these majors?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, this is my third one this year, and this is my fifth British Open, so I've had quite a lot of experience. You know, I am playing really well this year. It's a massive year for me, especially Solheim Cup coming up. But I've just got to focus on tomorrow.

Q. And big announcement coming on Sunday. It won't be real until it's real. Announcement coming on Sunday. How much pressure do you think that puts on guys perhaps in not such a strong position as yourself?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, I was hoping to be in this position at this point. It is very good. I don't have to worry as much as other guys. But I think I still want to play really well this week and finish in a really good position.

Q. To suddenly get that weight off your shoulders, what's the difference out there? Are you just feeling relaxed and happened to keep yourself on your toes because you want to play well?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I didn't realize what that Eagle meant on that last hole. I managed to get a top 10, which gave me more Solheim Cup points, so that was a big thing for me. But you know, I want to finish in the great position this week. I've had a good first round, so we'll see what happens.

Q. At one time it was pounding so hard --
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, we had to sit in vans for half an hour, which wasn't great because I think I was on the 14th tee, which is a very hard par 3, so a very long one, and I think I had to hit 4 iron, so I was playing safe left after that. So I think I had about 45 feet maybe. I managed to get a par, so I was happy.

Q. What's it like when you have to take a break when you're so in the zone?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it was hard. I think the second half is in the same position, and I've just got to kind of keep battling. I've had that a lot this year where I've had to keep -- like not giving up and stuff. It happened last week, and today was a bit hard, but I managed to stay in there.

Q. Does this week seem like perfect weather in comparison?
GEORGIA HALL: Oh, it was like -- well, it felt like no wind to me. Last week was a four-club wind every day. I don't mind the wind, but it does make things easier when there's not as much, but today was good.

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