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August 2, 2017

Davis Love III

Reno, Nevada

MODERATOR: Davis Love III joins us here at the Barracuda Championship, making his third start at this event.

Davis, you're a two-time winner Of the International with the modified Stableford format. Now you're here in Reno. Just talk a little bit about how much you like this format.

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I love the format. I love the golf course and it's nice to get back and into the mountains a little bit and get away from the heat and humidity of south Georgia and Alabama. So I'm glad to be up here.

And, you know, I've been in the Bridgestone a few times, and missed this tournament because I was hurt one year. So I'm glad to be here and excited about it and love the format. And both my son and I are very excited about this format. We made more birdies and too many bogeys than probably we should, so we're liking our chances this week.

MODERATOR: You're getting healthier. You've made three straight cuts now. Just comment a little bit about the state of your game coming into the week.

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, it's getting better. I've had some good driving weeks, some good putting weeks, some good days, but I haven't really put four rounds together. So I'm excited about making some progress and feeling better and, you know, every week is a different challenge.

This course is hillier and obviously you're going to have to hit the ball a long way. I guess Chalmers last year proved you don't have to be a bomber to win here, but it certainly helps.

But I've been hitting it in the fairway. So only really bad holes I had at the Greenbrier, where I played pretty well, where I just missed some fairways. So if I get in the fairway, I can still score. So I'm excited about my chances.

MODERATOR: Talk about your plans for the future in terms of next year [indiscernible]. Do you see yourself going into the seniors tour full time or maybe kind of split your time?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I don't really know. It depends kind of how I finish this year off. I've got -- I know I'm going to play Pebble Beach, The First Tee Champions tournament. And then after that, after the Presidents Cup, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do.

I would like to kick off again and just start right back again at Safeway, get going again. But I'm not sure where my time is best spent. This year I was hoping to try to make the 125 again and keep my exemption going from winning at Wyndham, but I was out for three or four months at the beginning with a broken collarbone, so I kind of got myself behind the eight ball.

But it just depends how I play the rest of this year. I'm not looking at a part of the season. I may play a few. Obviously I'm going to play RSM and maybe a few others starting off the year on the PGA tour, just see how it goes.

MODERATOR: How special is it to play with your son?

DAVIS LOVE III: It's fun. We've gotten to do it a few times very quickly here. We played when he was an amateur. He qualified for the RSM at Sea Island. We played together with Justin Thomas, which was great. And then getting to caddie for him at the U.S. Open was incredible.

And you know, watching him play, unfortunately, you know, I've been making the cuts and he's been missing them. So the ones we've played together, so, we haven't gotten to spend much time together on a weekend. So I'm looking -- he's getting more experience and it's fun to be out here with him and help him along.

This week I've tried to kind of stay out of his way a little bit more. He played his own practice rounds. Played the Monday pro-am. And obviously I'm going to play today.

So, but it's fun. It's fun. We went to dinner last night and it's kind of like old times. He's been on tour with me for a long time. Now it's just a little different. He has a tee time and I'm pulling for him.

MODERATOR: At this same age, where does his game stack up with yours?

DAVIS LOVE III: A lot less experience. I would say I went to Q-school when I was 20. So I started ahead of him. I played more amateur and college golf than he did. He's been hurt a lot the last five years, and so I'm way ahead of -- and the guys his age are way ahead of him in experience.

In talent, and potential, he's way ahead of me. I think the sky's kind of the limit for him. It's all going to be, like a bunch of these young kids, it's going to be in his head.

You know, can he be patient? Can he make it through to get to the Web.com or to get to the PGA Tour? I think he would be really good if he could get on tour. But getting there is -- there's hundreds of players with potential and talent that struggle to get there.

I remember Paul Azinger taking him six, seven, eight times to get through Q-school. When I finally made it, he stayed. You know? And there's a lot of guys like that. But it's tough to get through that process.

But his potential is way ahead of what I could do and he's just like me. He's got to stay healthy and patient.

MODERATOR: Davis, real quick, before you go, you mentioned Presidents Cup. Just comment a little bit about discussions you're having with Captain Stricker and how the team is shaping up.

DAVIS LOVE III: Steve is getting down to the end now. He's asking a lot more questions. I know where he's at right now. He's starting to wonder about who's he's going to pick and we're talking about stats, talking about pairings, talking about the golf course setup.

And the other guys -- Tiger, Freddy, Furyk -- are all asking questions. So we're getting more and more into it. Steve had a dinner with the players last night and he's getting excited about it's actually going to happen now. It's such a long buildup but we're excited about New York and excited about the way the team is playing.

MODERATOR: Awesome. Thanks, Davis. Appreciate it.

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