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July 30, 2017

Sam Saunders

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. What positives do you take away from the week?
SAM SAUNDERS: I played really nicely. It's a frustrating day, especially to finish with a bogey -- two bogeys there. Gosh, I didn't realize that.

17, I actually hit a really good shot in. That one surprised me that it came up short.

18, I was going for the green out of that bunker. It really wasn't that hard a shot but I just caught it a groove low, and it happens. But this isn't life or death out here of the life will go on. I'm a very lucky guy, and it's not a terrible finish, and hopefully I can take some positive momentum to next week and try to give myself another chance and leap my way into those FedExCup Playoffs.

Q. Looks like this could give you a little bit of a boost and momentum for next week. What do you want your mind-set to be, knowing the Playoffs are so close?
SAM SAUNDERS: Just to keep playing the way that I am. I'm putting the ball great, and hopefully be a little more comfortable next time I'm in this position again. It's tough. You want it really bad, and it can be frustrating out there, because you try so hard and you think it's going to happen; and then when it doesn't, it can knock you down.

But I'm going to try to stay positive and just realize I'm playing good golf and hopefully channel that into the next few weeks.

Q. Do you think nerves is the one thing that's been holding you back?
SAM SAUNDERS: Sure. Yeah. I've been at this for long enough now, I've got a lot of scar tissue, you know. And that's okay. Most guys struggle before they break through. I'm not doing that bad. My third full year on the PGA TOUR, it could be a lot worse.

There are so many great players out there that never even make it to this level. So I'm glad that I'm here, and it will feel that much sweeter when eventually I do get that first win.

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