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July 30, 2017

Charley Hoffman

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. Before the round, you said I've been here a lot this season and you have to be patient, and I can get a little hard on myself. Do you feel like you did a good job of being patient today?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I gave myself a chance. Except I putted horribly today and left everything short. Jhonny played great today. All credit to him.

Q. Important part of the schedule now, you have to feel really positive about where your game is at moving forward?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, it's always tough after you don't close the deal after having the lead but obviously got some big tournaments coming up, the playoff, a major championship, and obviously got some good momentum going into those.

Q. Heading into the PGA Championship, this also does a lot for you in Presidents Cup standings, as well. What positives can you take away from this week?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The whole progress of going forward, and I'm doing that, playing well, and obviously you always want to finish these ones off. It's going to be a little bittersweet but I'm happy with the way I played.

Q. Not the outcome you were looking for, but you played some really, really good golf. A couple of those putts on the back nine would have made 18 a moot point.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Just didn't get the putts to the hole when they counted unfortunately. Speed wasn't on today and they all look good and none of them got to the hole unfortunately.

Q. The golf game is really trending, though, in a good direction at a good time of the year. You have Presidents Cup and you're getting close to the top eight, ten there. Your thoughts going into the end of the year?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, obviously good momentum. Got a major championship and the FedExCup coming up, and looking forward to that and hopefully I can keep it going.

Q. Walk us through what was going on in your head on the back nine.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I was playing solid, hitting good drives and giving myself opportunities. Just didn't really capitalize. Didn't make that many putts of any significance at all on the back nine unfortunately. Gave myself opportunities which is good, but the putter came up pretty good. I've been putting great all week, everything was great, just the speed overall.

Q. Knowing what you had to do over the last holes, 18 especially, was it nerves that crept in or were just finding what you needed to?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: 17 I hit a great putt. Actually thought I made it. That green was a little burned out. Thought I made that putt on 17. 18 I hit a good putt.

16 is the one I want back, right in the jaw strip. Didn't get there.

Q. Consistently we're seeing you on the leaderboards and another opportunity for to you close. What positives do you take away from this week?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, in contention again. Played well and contended all the way through. Obviously Jhonny played well and hats off to him, the way he played, and there will be another opportunity down the road for me.

Q. Sum up this week and kind of what your mind-set will be heading into the rest of the season.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, obviously great week here in Canada coming off the British Open. Obviously fell short of my goals of winning, which is obviously first and foremost. Gave it a chance going into that playoff.

Just hit really probably the worst drive of the week for me down there and Jhonny caught a break by having a shot at the green. Hats off to him the way he played. I played great. Just didn't get the putts to the hole, which is probably going to be what I'm probably going to lose a little sleep over.

Q. Just the putter today? Seemed like everything else in your game was pretty fired up.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, putter felt good. Just I just didn't have the speed. The greens looked like they were getting faster. They were browning out but they just didn't roll faster. Visually I didn't have it down, and the greens were perfect surfaces. I just didn't capitalize.

Q. What is your frustration right now? Is it frustration? Disappointment?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I feel good. Obviously Jhonny making birdie on the last hole, hitting that great bunker shot after a great round of golf, hats off to him. Obviously you always want to win the golf tournament. Obviously there's a little disappointment there.

But I tried hard. I gave it a chance. I just didn't close on those opportunities I had on the back nine.

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