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July 30, 2017

Fred Couples

Royal Porthcawl, Wales, United Kingdom

Q. 66 and 68 over the last two days, finishing with a birdie. What did you capture the last two days compared to the previous two?
FRED COUPLES: Well, yesterday was a lot easier. I hit the ball well and I ran out of here after 3-putting 18 for 65. And today, I think was really hard. Plus we teed off a lot earlier. I thought we would be going at two, missed the weather which was a blessing and went at nine.

The first two days were not the hardest rounds of golf I've ever played but they were in the Top-10. It's a very hard course. I don't know what Bernhard's done the last hole, but for him to have a lead and make very few mistakes is a great round of golf.

For me, I was just kind of freeloading and trying to couple things. Not that you can get the ball close to the hole. I birdied all three par 5s and that's what I shot.

Q. You mentioned Bernhard. What words would you use to describe him and what he has done over the last few years?
FRED COUPLES: Since I got out here, you can joke and say luckily he got injured a couple of times or he would have 14 majors. They always say, there are other people that work hard; they are just not as good as Langer or Tom Watson when he played. They all work hard. But he's right there, and that's why he's so good. He hits the ball very solid. He's very clutch.

You know, when you start winning a lot, I will say, it becomes easier. But not winning majors. I'm going to tell you right now, this golf course, what he did last time here, to win by 13 was unreal. And to win again in these conditions just shows you he's a very, very tough competitor. He really doesn't give shots away.

I shot 75, 75. I probably gave away two or three shots just by maybe trying to force things in there and they are going to cost me. Whereas he plays, he plays the course, 73 is the best he can do, 73 is what he is going to get.

Q. Two rounds over the weekend, was it just too much to do after a pair of 75s?
FRED COUPLES: Well, yeah, as you look back during those 75s, there were a couple holes, not that I did anything wrong or hit shots. I just panicked a little bit and maybe wrong clubbed a couple shots trying to force them in there. Then you come all the way to Sunday. I had a very good day.

But at the same time, I never thought I could really win unless Langer kind of screwed up. He was 4-under the whole day and I was 2-over, 1-over and birdied the last to get to even. There was just too big a hurdle to catch against Bernhard. He's still got holes to play. He's still got 17 and 18, which trying to win anything is not easy.

For me it was two good rounds. I really like this golf course. I know we go to St. Andrews next year which is my all-time favourite. This has been a lot of fun. I enjoy the British Senior Open and I hope to play a lot of them.

Q. How much was the draw a factor over the first two days?
FRED COUPLES: A lot of times, you come over here and when you're in that, you'll look at it and see how many guys are up there, that played early Thursday and late Friday.

I don't think everyone -- I thought it was going to be a little bit easier Friday afternoon, because when we left, the wind had kind of stopped. Then I heard it was just at nasty. So I don't think it played any easier whatever tee times you had.

The scores are really, really good. To cruise around at level, I felt like I played four pretty good days of golf, and I shot 150 the first two rounds.

Q. Making birdie on 13, was there anything in the back of your mind thinking that you could catch Bernhard?
FRED COUPLES: That put me to 1-over. If you go look at those holes, I don't know anyone getting the ball close enough to make two or three birdies. I didn't see many birdies. I think Corey birdied the second hole and maybe one other one. So they are not out there.

You've got to really fight. I made a couple good par putts. Maybe on the ninth hole I was over a little 4-footer, 3-footer, and a handkerchief blew right through as I was stroking it. It didn't really bother me, but I saw it and I missed it. I could always use that shot.

I putted well, played well and it was fun to be over here.

Q. Tell us how tough it is to beat this man.
FRED COUPLES: Well, it's hard. For this week to be honest, I was trying to beat the course as best I could and figure out who was going to be up there.

And again, 75, 75 was not really good scoring but I played okay. And then you follow it up, as I was making a nice run yesterday, so did Langer. Your question was how tough is he to beat? He's very tough to beat. He doesn't give strokes away and I felt like if he would have shot maybe 70 yesterday, a lot of people would have had a chance. But after his round, it looked like he would be the guy to beat.

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