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July 30, 2017

Georgia Hall

North Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. A fantastic week, you're in the Top-10. Tell me about your feelings.
GEORGIA HALL: I had a horrendous start. Couldn't have gotten much worse. So then I kind of had to battle back and stay patient. It's hard when you're trying to -- I wanted a good start and then it was horrendous. I was like, oh, I'm in a rubbish position now.

And I like the back nine, so I thought if I can try and get back to level par for the day, and I managed to kind of eagle the last. So I'm pleased with the way I played, especially the back nine.

Q. Tell us about what you were thinking going on to the 10th tee. You've just shot 31 on the back nine, but what was going through your head?
GEORGIA HALL: I just thought, I never give up. I think that was the most important thing. You know, I hit some bad tee shots at the start but I was putting well. So I thought, you know, if I can try and knock it within 20 foot, I'll hole some good ones, which I did. I holed two really long ones today and I tried to hit the drives as hard as I could on the last to give me a short shot in. I hit 7-iron to like 15 foot and managed to hole it. It was good.

Q. So you hit driver and a 7-iron. Where did you hit the 7-iron from?
GEORGIA HALL: I think I had 166 yards, kind of right half of the fairway. Like you can't miss it right of the pin, otherwise you're kind of in that ditch. I kind of cut it off, because it was downwind, as well. I wanted a bit more spin. I thought it was going to run through the back. So I hit a perfect shot, and then lucky enough, I was kind of 15 foot away. I hit a good putt. I putted really well today, so that was kind of the key to 1-under.

Q. You've been in the Top-10 all of the week, dealing with being at the top in an LPGA event, co-sanctioned event.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think it was great. I had four boring rounds, really, but no, I like boring. I think hopefully I've made Top-10, which would give me more Solheim points, if I'm right. So that's what I was aiming towards, aiming for next week, and I'm playing well. So we'll see how it goes.

Q. Are you ready to start thinking about Solheim Cup yet? I know you keep saying you don't want to talk about it, but you've high up the LET rankings now and you'll win some more points today.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think that was big this week, as well, try and get a Top-10. Obviously I've got next week to go, but it's looking closer. I'm going to wait until next Sunday.

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