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July 30, 2017

Mi Hyang Lee

North Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. How does it feel to win?
MI HYANG LEE: Last one is 2014, so this is like three years later. It was a really big confidence from this win I think, so this is get ready for the British next week. So hopefully good confidence, keep confidence to the next week.

Just I work good with my caddie. Just maybe ten weeks but he was like a really good guy and I did really good team work with him. I'm really happy with this win.

Q. What does it mean to win at the Home of Golf?
MI HYANG LEE: Yeah, I played at Scotland the third time, always been wind and then cold, rainy. But I think today is like a little less wind and then really good weather. Now it's getting cold but it was really good weather.

So I played really good the front nine. So it was amazing, and then keep pulling from that today.

Q. You played well yesterday when the weather was terrible?
MI HYANG LEE: Yes, but my shot was really good. Then I did really good distance control. I did a lot of birdies.

Q. Is this the best win of your three?

Q. Why? You were nine shots behind.
MI HYANG LEE: I know, but I didn't think I'm going to win. No, not really -- I think five strokes back today.

Q. After two rounds.
MI HYANG LEE: Oh, right. Yes, so just I want a good practice for the British, that's it. Just feels like good practice from here and then I want to get ready for the British, that's it.

Q. At that finish, did you think --
MI HYANG LEE: No way. I just want to make eagle, and then just I have to make eagle and I can win or just playoff, because I saw that she was 7-under, the lead. Then I just happen to make the 2-putt over there, a little bit hard putt. So just yeah, I really like to play well today.

Q. The par at 17 was massive. It was a very difficult shot, your third shot over the top.
MI HYANG LEE: Yes, just a little bad complication with my caddie there. Just I was wrong; he was right.

Yeah, a little pulled it and then just flop shot into the wind. That's more better than downwind.

Q. Who is your caddie?
MI HYANG LEE: Chad Payne.

Q. Had he given you a club to hit and you said, no?
MI HYANG LEE: Yes, I did. He was right and I was wrong. Then I pulled it a little long left. It was a good chip and then a really good putt actually.

Q. What club did you hit in, the club that you pulled?
MI HYANG LEE: I did. Yeah.

Q. What number?
MI HYANG LEE: Five. So he liked to go six. Because 175 to the pin. So I think a five is enough, but it wasn't.

Q. So going to the British with a lot of confidence?
MI HYANG LEE: Here, had really good practice and then just hopefully going to win again.

Q. How have you been playing since you won last, since 2014? You won twice in 2014.
MI HYANG LEE: Just one is in New Zealand and one is in Japan.

Q. How have you been playing since then?
MI HYANG LEE: I have a little couple time chance of the win. But just I played a little bad at the last round, the final round. So I think it was a really good experience for today. Tried to control my mental today.

Q. Would that be one of your best rounds of golf in the circumstances today?
MI HYANG LEE: Just I made the birdie at the first hole, just like happy and then made birdie the second hole, just happy, that's it. Just I played by like hole-by-hole.

Q. Where is your caddie from?
MI HYANG LEE: America.

Q. Where do you live?
MI HYANG LEE: I live in Columbia, South Carolina, USA now. I'm from South Korea, Incheon. Near the airport.

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