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July 29, 2017

Peter Lonard

Royal Porthcawl, Wales, United Kingdom

Q. Level par total, 54-hole total. How much are you enjoying your Senior Tour debut?
PETER LONARD: So far, so good. Probably can only go downhill from here.

Today was far more enjoyable than the first two days. The first two days were really tough on the golf course, and today was as good of conditions as we'll ever Getty suppose. I was trying to get it back to par, in hindsight -- I hit the ball pretty good, too. If I holed a few more putts, I'd probably be a little bit better, but that sounds like every golfer that played. So I'm happy where I am.

Q. Standing on the first tee, did you feel a score was out there?
PETER LONARD: Yeah, it was unusual out there because you spend the first two days just trying not to make any big numbers and try not to make any mistakes. And then when it was actually handed to us today, just to go at the flags and it was pretty benign conditions, it was like I was still trying not to make mistakes.

So it was a totally different game as the first two days. I found it a little difficult. I think I hit a lot of greens. I had think if I got the putter rolling, probably would have been a bit better.

Q. Do you feel you're slightly under the radar? Is that a nice feeling?
PETER LONARD: Yeah, I've always been under the radar. That's my life story, I reckon. I've always been pretty consistent but not really gone real low very consistently. Like I'm always shooting relatively good scores.

I figure these sort of courses suit me because you have to hang around par, and if I have my day with the putter, well, I think I'll have a chance. So far, so good. I'm hoping that day is tomorrow.

Q. Growing up in Australia, played a lot of links golf and you've had some showings in Open Championships before. Do you feel this is your game?
PETER LONARD: Well, it's a game that I prefer to play. I like hitting the ball low and bouncing the ball and chip-and-running into hills and things like that. That's pretty much Australia. If anything, the best part about my game is actually ball control, controlling the bounce, and of course this is made for ball control.

I always feel reasonably comfortable on these sort of courses, and you know, you never know. It's a toss of a coin tomorrow.

Q. And tomorrow, how much are you looking forward to the challenge being four back of Bernhard?
PETER LONARD: Yeah, it's a bit further back than I wanted to be. I would have liked to be a couple under. I would have liked to be at least on his radar. At the moment, particularly in the weather is good, he's going to shoot -- he's definitely going to shoot under par. If conditions get blustery and horrible tomorrow, which apparently they might, it's any man's game I think. It's just get in there and hang on and get a few bounces and be somewhere near the lead with the last three or four holes to go.

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