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July 29, 2017

Georgia Hall

North Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. A tricky start out there today, but you battled back well.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it was so windy, the front nine. Like windier than the first two days, and I didn't actually think it could get any windier. It was probably like a four-club wind, and the back nine, it was less windy but then the rain started. Absolute pouring it down the last few holes, so yeah, happy the way I played.

Q. Has the course changed over the last few days with the wind and the rain on it?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, it's pretty much been the same wind every day. It's just got a lot stronger. It hasn't been too bad. It's the first time it's properly rained today. So that made kind of the approach into greens a bit harder because they normally take a skid, like the first bounce.

But apart from that, it's been similar. It's just really tough conditions.

Q. You're currently tied for sixth. Obviously the leaders are still out there but you're probably going to be within four or five tomorrow. Anything around par, you've got a good chance, haven't you?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think so. Especially in these conditions. I think I may need a couple under, a few under to be in with a chance tomorrow. Which if you hole the putts, it's definitely possible. But yeah, I think the key is kind of hitting fairways and being on the greens in regulation. Birdie is really rare to get, especially out here. Birdie feels like an eagle.

Q. So tomorrow is the plan to hang in on the front nine and attack on the back?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, ideally it would be good to get off to like a really good start and also play well the back nine. But some of the holes the back nine are a little bit easier. You get some birdie chances on the front nine, as well. I think it's just kind of playing steady.

Q. I know you didn't really want to talk about it at the start of the week, but looking ahead to the Solheim Cup now, is it in the back of your mind when you know you're doing well in a big event like this?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, I'm trying to focus on this event really. I would like to get a really good finish. I think I'm in a good position. I've had kind of three steady rounds. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and I've got the British next week, as well.

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