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July 28, 2017

Gary Woodland

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. Almost one for the ages. One shot off the course record. You shot 2-under Thursday. What was the mind-set coming out today, and when did you think you had it in you to shoot 63?
GARY WOODLAND: Yesterday I actually played a really good round. I gave some shots away coming in. Bogeyed the last two which is frustrating. Only made par on 16. Went to the range and really just got some frustration out but I knew I was playing well. Came out today and saw some putts go in early and just kind of rode the momentum all day.

Q. Six in a row, and you had a chance for seven in a row. You missed a 15-footer on three?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, it was really just a lot of momentum. You have to attack the par 5s out here. I was fortunate enough, I hit a bad shot on 18 and got it in the bunker and was able to hole that one and really keep it going.

Outside of that, I was attacking the par 5s, gave myself some eagle opportunities. I drove the golf ball well, and any time you can do that out here with some soft greens, you can attack.

Q. Do you know what the record is for number of birdies in a row in a golf tournament?
GARY WOODLAND: I do not, no.

Q. Calcavecchia, nine, right here, in 2009.
GARY WOODLAND: I'm a long way off. I've got some work to do.

Q. In one round you climbed right up the leaderboard, just one shot off the lead. Your thoughts now as you go to the weekend?
GARY WOODLAND: This has been a long time coming. I've been playing well for awhile. Just haven't put things together and today I finally put all aspects together, and if I continue to do that, things should be pretty good.

Q. Course record was 62 and you came so close and you tied your career best with a 63. What led to the charge in the second round?
GARY WOODLAND: I just had everything clicking today. I've been playing well for a long time and just haven't put all the aspects together. Today I drove it well. Obviously the ball-striking was good and I saw some putts go in, and that adds up to a pretty good number.

Q. Six birdies in a row. That is not easy on this course, but when you were in that zone, in that stretch, was there anything that stood out?
GARY WOODLAND: I mean, really, I was just trying to get another one. I was just trying to keep going, keep going. Obviously holing the bunker shot on 18 was huge. But you've got three par 5s in the middle of that stretch, so drove the golf ball in play and gave myself a lot of chances.

Q. Made it look easy, but the wind out there, some players were talking about it, he especially on the back nine, was that affecting your game at all?
GARY WOODLAND: Obviously it was tough. A little different than what we had yesterday. Obviously yesterday we dealt with some rain.

Today the wind was swirling a little bit, but fortunately, I'm driving the golf ball in play and feeling pretty good out there. It was pretty good for me.

Q. You've mentioned that you've been going through a little bit of a lull. I think February was the last time you finished in the Top-10. So what exactly was it that has been coming together this week?
GARY WOODLAND: It's been coming together for awhile. We just haven't done it. Obviously I'm in a good state mentally with a little baby at home, so that was a big relief off the back. So now I'm able to go out and play freely, and starting to come together.

Q. Lipping out that chip on 8 and coming so close on 9, close to a course record; overall have to be happy, with a career-best-tieing round and one shot off the lead at the RBC Canadian Open.
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I didn't know about the course record. Obviously it would have been nice to get one more to go in. I played good all day. I really played good yesterday. I felt like I left a lot out there yesterday. It was a little frustrating. But coming out today and really firing on all cylinders was nice.

Q. I guess if you get a bogey on the front nine, there's no better way to respond than six straight birdies?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, that was good. Obviously I hit a good drive on the hole. I made bogey and just pulled it a little bit I guess and rolled through the fairway. Outside of that, I really drove the golf ball in play and gave myself a lot of chances. When I make some putts, things are pretty good.

Q. What's the biggest difference between yesterday and today where everything just clicked?
GARY WOODLAND: I saw some putts go in which was the big deal. Yesterday I feel like I played pretty good. I just didn't attack the par 5s, which out here you have to do. You have four par 5s and with my length, I can get home to all of them.

Today I drove it in play on all those holes and was hitting mid-irons into the par 5s, and that gives you confidence when you can walk away from those with birdies.

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