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July 28, 2017

Fred Couples

Royal Porthcawl, Wales, United Kingdom

Q. How hard was that for you?
FRED COUPLES: It was brutal. You know, the first hole was rather comical, and the second hole was even more comical, and then the rest of the holes, even when it stopped raining, were very difficult.

So it is what it is. I love the course. But for me, that's very tough to play in and for everybody. I mean, to grind it out and be 8-over par is not where you want to be. But it's a tough course and today was pretty tough.

Q. The toughest golf you've ever played?
FRED COUPLES: No, I mean, it was right there. I played in a couple -- of all the British Opens, actually I've never really played except for two times in horrific weather; a couple Dunhill Cups. But you know, they moved a few tees up for us, which still, you just couldn't hit a green. You can't hit the third hole, the green. You can't hit the fourth green. No. 9 was incredible.

But there's still a couple birdie holes, and if you can grind it out, there's two par 5s that are I think fairly simple. So I did birdie -- I made eagle on one and birdied the 18th. Other than that, I was scraping to make par.

Q. You used the word "comical." Is that what makes links fun?
FRED COUPLES: Well, what's comical is I don't wear a glove, and it was blowing so hard -- I smoked a drive on 1 and I hit a 1-iron into the green. I didn't even know if I could hold on to the club. I mean, you know, for people who don't wear gloves, they understand what I'm talking about. That was the first hole. All I'm thinking about was, geez, I've got 18 holes of this to look forward to where I feel like the club is going to come out of my hand on every shot.

After five or six, the rain stopped and the wind just kept blowing. With a little bit of luck and a couple shots that rolled off the greens, maybe I could have had 72 or 73, but to shoot under par in the morning would be an unreal score.

I had some weather gloves. They were just too thick. So I have to go find some thinner ones.

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